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9 Quick Changes to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

We all know the effects of a poor night’s sleep, but did you know 36% of UK adults find it difficult to fall asleep every week? 

For many people, being overstimulated is a big reason behind why they struggle to sleep, and bedrooms play a critical role in this.  

The bottom line is your bedroom should be a relaxing space where you can unwind and quickly fall asleep. How’s that working out for you? 

If it isn’t working out too well, here are nine quick changes to make your bedroom more relaxing so you can sleep better than ever. 

1. Install warmer lightbulbs 

Numerous studies have shown people are negatively impacted before bed by blue and white light. Cool light mimics daytime, stimulating your eyes and keeping you awake.

The best type of light for nighttime is warm lighting. Swap out your regular lightbulbs for 2,700K bulbs and put orange/amber bulbs in your reading light. Also, make sure you switch your smartphone to night mode if it has one. 

2. Upgrade your mattress

Upgrade your mattress
Pictured: The award-winning Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 The Which? Approved Hybrid 2000 Sleepeezee mattress offers the perfect blend of technologies to deliver outstanding comfort and total support night after night.


Upgrading your mattress will make your bedroom more relaxing by improving comfort. A memory foam mattress is always a good shout because the foam will conform to the shape of your body, giving you support in the right places.  

If you prefer a bouncier mattress, a hybrid product like a memory gel mattress with springs or a pocket spring mattress will serve you well. Like those made by Nolah, hybrid mattresses are also a great choice if you want a mattress for cool sleeping.

3. Get a headboard 

If you have a divan or ottoman bed or any other bed that doesn’t have a headboard, installing a headboard will significantly improve comfort because you will have something to sit up against that isn’t a cold hard wall. 

Get a headboard
Pictured: Floor standing headboards are headboards that conveniently stand behind your bed.


Headboards are available for all bed sizes and are easily fitted. Choose a headboard that is cushioned to transform comfort sitting up. 

4. Turn off all electricals 

Electrical devices left on could keep you awake with humming and blinking lights. Some people swear that electrical devices interfere with their sleep, making sense when considering that brain function is based on electrical activity. 

Turning off all electrical devices at the plug socket will make your bedroom more relaxing. Oh, and top tip – charge your phone before you go to bed. 

5. Treat your senses 

Candles and diffusers are great ways to make your bedroom smell beautiful, and changing them up will ensure you don’t get used to the scents. 

Relaxing sounds can also transform your bedroom. You can ask Google Assistant or Siri to play relaxing sounds, or you can download an app. We recommend having a smart hub like Google Nest or Amazon Echo to play sounds.  

6. Block light with blackout shades

Blackout shades block more light than thermal curtains, and not only do they stop light from entering your bedroom, but they also help reduce noise. 

Every bedroom should have blackout curtains or shades and especially when you are sensitive to light. Blackout shades block around 90% of light and reduce external noise by as much as 40%, making your bedroom more relaxing. 

7. Tidy space = tidy mind 

Trust us when we say having too much clutter in a bedroom can drive you insane. It makes finding things stressful and makes cleaning up difficult. 

Have a look around your bedroom and look for things to recycle. Decluttering doesn’t have to mean throwing things away either because you can get stackable plastic storage boxes and invest in under-bed storage for your stuff. 

8. Use soft bed linen 

There’s nothing worse than scratchy, fussy, uncomfortable bed linen. Your bed sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases should be super soft and comfortable. 

Use soft bed linen
Pictured: Woman sleeping soundly in bed.

Avoid polyester bed linen and choose a 50-50 polycotton blend. For an even softer feel, go for microfibre or 100% cotton. High-thread count cotton is a safe choice. Egyptian cotton is a sign of quality, while organic cotton is eco-friendly. 

9. Introduce nature 

Being in nature is great for our mental health, so introducing it to your bedroom is a no-brainer. Houseplants and bonsai trees are fantastic options, but you’ll need to remember to water and prune them when required.  

Another option is a fish tank with an electric filter you can turn off at night. Fish are relaxing to watch, and water is excellent for calming the mind. 





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