Converting the garage and why it's worth it

Converting the garage and why it’s worth it

It has never been a better time to think about converting your garage into a new living space for your home. Doing so enables us to extend the living space and transform the entire ground floor’s aesthetic. In this article, I hope to guide you through some of the excellent and life-enriching outcomes of a garage conversion and how it will impact your entire home.

It might be interesting then to note that this article has been written in a converted garden shed that was previously used to hold a collection of junk I had accrued. There is an apparent difference between a shed and garage conversion, but at the core, the fundamental reasons for doing such a transformation are the same.

The work from home generation

The work from home generation

As working from home becomes a universal struggle, more and more people look to utilise their space. There is nothing more dampening for motivation and creativity whilst trying to work than sitting at the kitchen dining table surrounded by distractions. Trust me, I know. Having a dedicated space to work or perform other tasks can bring a sense of clarity against working in rooms with another intended purpose. It can also help reduce the masses of work resources left piled around the kitchen. Having to regularly move your workspace to eat with your family can be a massive inconvenience and means that when work resumes, you have to reorganise it in a new space.

For many like myself who have started new ventures due to the coronavirus pandemic’s impact, creating space we can retreat to and continue to be productive has become a home essential. Most households are simply not equipped for working for extended periods from home. This is where the garage comes into play.

Garage conversions aren’t just all about the end result, however. The experience of choosing to convert our garages rather than seeking other means of extension such as conservatories means we can become apart of the project rather than paying someone else to do it. It also has the added benefit of extending your property without increasing the size of your home’s footprint. We can use it to learn and enhance our DIY skills as well as fill our weekends with an ongoing project and have something to look towards in the future.

The sky is the limit

There are a seemingly endless amount of options when it comes to the purpose of converting the garage. We have spoken already about the home office and how it benefits the home entrepreneur. However, the truth is there are no limitations on what you can create with your space, from an extra bedroom for visiting relatives, a hobby room, man caves, even home theatres. So many of us look to convert our garages because it is a space that is ripe for new opportunities.

Unlike house extensions, to convert your garage, it is most unlikely that you will require planning permission. Unless, of course, your house is a listed building or in a conservation area, in which case you most certainly will require planning permission before going ahead. It is also possible to increase your home’s value by creating a new living space that could make it a worthy investment for the future. By maximising your living space, you inadvertently remove a potential eyesore from your home. By clearing out and making space, you instantly revitalise the garage before conversion work has even started. A conversion also creates minimal disruption within the home day to day apart from big jobs such as replacing your up & over garage door. Since it is additional space, it’s unlikely that the rest of the house will be affected whilst work is underway. Taking up the project yourself means you will not have to rearrange your schedule to ensure you are home to allow contractors to work. With this, you also get peace of mind knowing the work being done is monitored by you, and you don’t have to rely upon others or worry about damage being done to your property.

Making the most out of your converted space

Now that we have explored some of the potential benefits of considering a garage conversion let’s look at how you can make the most out of it. Making a space your own is essential to enable you to get the most out of it. As I mentioned previously, I created a workspace out of my shed and made it my own to maximise my work output. By surrounding yourself with inspiring décor, you will find a welcoming and comfortable space that you want to be in. This is important because to fully enjoy all the hard work put into a garage conversion, you need to be comfortable in the space upon completion. For me, I moved my bookshelves from our living room and into the shed so that I always have them close by. My desk and computer also made their way into my new writing shack and together made the foundations of my new workspace. Doing this also helped create more space in my living room, which helps open the space and feel less cluttered. This is where we see how converting the garage not only offers a room fit for purpose but also helps alleviate the other areas of your home, making garage conversions a great option to optimise the space in your entire home.  



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