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How To Decorate a Small Space

Most furniture stores sell oversized furniture for cavernous spaces, and if you live in a small space home or apartment, you may find it difficult to figure out exactly how to furnish a less-than-huge space. Here are some tips to make your little rooms hold their own.

Ditch the Sofa in a Small Space

There is no rule that says your living room must have a sofa in it. Instead, consider going smaller such as several comfortable (but not overstuffed) chairs or a loveseat. Joybird reviews furniture includes custom options for smaller spaces. Dual-purpose seating also works well in modest-sized rooms. Consider cushioned stools that open to reveal storage space. They can be tucked away into a corner until needed.

Mount Storage High

Don’t use up your ground space for storage. There are several options for high storage that will leave your floors clear and draw the eye up to make the ceiling taller. Floating shelving is a good option as are open baskets mounted above the head. Drop-down ceiling mounted shelves aren’t just for the garage anymore.

Hang Mirrors

Large pieces of art can overwhelm small spaces, but mirrors can make a little room look bigger by reflecting light and fooling the eye. Hang several mid-size or smaller mirrors in a grouping to create an artistic display that will change constantly as the sun moves. Joybird reviews offer a variety of styles and sizes.

Lose the Curtains in a Small Space

Heavy curtains can make a small room seem smaller. Instead of yards of fabric and fancy swags, opt for a simple Roman shade or cellular blinds that let light in without sacrificing privacy. There are many bright stylish window treatments available that keep a lower profile than curtains.

Small spaces can be just as elegant as grand halls. The key is to keep everything in proportion and to use your space wisely.

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