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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Home Asbestos Removal

With voluminous information about almost everything being readily available on the internet, DIY Home Asbestos Removal has never been this easy. You could simply Google anything or search for video tutorials on Youtube, buy the tools in the hardware then you’re good to go with a certain project.

We hate to break it to you guys. But not everything that can be done by yourself, must be DIYed. Despite the accessibility of information and materials, there are certain processes that might cost you a lot if you force yourself to DIY them. Processes like the topic in hand, home asbestos removal, entails careful planning and requires expert hands.

But what exactly is asbestos?

Asbestos is a fire-resistant and fibrous material that was widely used in building houses in the 40s to 70s. During that era, it was the best option to keep your home insulated because it’s cheap, durable, and heat-resistant.

This material was applied to columns and other parts of the house like pipes, floor tiles, wall board, and roof shingles to keep the entire residence fire-proof.

Asbestos, as it is, is a really functional material. But that was in the 70s. The risk and danger comes when people start to renovate these ancient houses that were originally fire-proofed with asbestos. Once torn down, the thousands of breathable asbestos dust can cause lung-related diseases. That’s why it’s not advised to renovate your homes by yourself, especially if it’s filled with asbestos.

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How does Home Asbestos Removal affect your health?

When in good condition, asbestos is generally safe. But not when it gets damaged over the years. Like mentioned above, you can inhale thousands of microfibres once you start tearing your house down that is filled with asbestos.

The asbestos, when exposed to vibrations from grinder, drills and other power tools, will immediately release dust that can damage your lung tissues and result to long-time inflammation or scarring of the lungs.

The Health Risks We’re Warning You About

Once you are exposed to the asbestos dust, there’s a big chance that you will develop health issues over time. The three main diseases that are linked to asbestos inhalation are asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Asbestosis of Home Asbestos Removal

It’s the scarring of your lungs that is a result of accidental inhalation of asbestos dust. And it doesn’t end there. Scarring will restrict your breathing and will likely cause shortness of breath. When this happens, not enough oxygen will enter your system which can affect the functions of some organs.

If not treated early, asbestosis can result in cardiac failure.

Lung Cancer

That’s right, you can have lung cancer even if you’re not a smoker. Once you’ve inhaled a sufficient amount of asbestos, these fibres will stay on your lung tissues and eventually cause genetic and cellular damage and turn them into cancerous cells.


Mesothelioma is also a form of cancer, but a rare one. It’s the type of cancer that happens only in the linings of the heart, chest, lungs and abdomen. If you have this disease, you might experience symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pains.

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What’s tricky about this rare form of cancer is that it can only be detected once it spreads in the body. Normally, people who are diagnosed with this cancer are given just 12 months of life expectancy.

What you can do when Home Asbestos Removal

While DIY home renovations are a good choice to save a lot of money, we still don’t recommend it. Especially if you know that your residence was built during the 40s-70s. What’s even worse is that when you’re clueless that your home is filled with asbestos and you start hammering it down just to inhale lots of fibres and find yourself in an emergency room.

So after hearing all the health risks that asbestos poses, we hope that you cancel your DIY renovation project and reschedule it instead.

While you’re at it, it’s better that you have your house checked first by a legitimate asbestos inspection company like Greenlight Services. Whether your residence is a bungalow or a three-storey building, they can conduct surveys and take samples for testing.

Once inspection is done, they will give you an expert take, complete with a report, regarding what to do next.

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