Bed Bugs

4 Reasons Bed Bugs Are So Repulsive

If you’ve never dealt with bed bugs, you probably wonder how such a small insect can cause so much trouble. While young bed bugs are nearly invisible, adults are about the size of an apple seed. They’re extremely difficult to get rid of and can infest almost every inch of a dwelling while making a meal out of you every night. If that isn’t enough to turn your stomach, here are four more reasons bed bugs are so repulsive.

They’ll Live Anywhere

Many people think bed bugs only live in the worst of conditions, but nothing is further from the truth. If bed bugs Fort Myers hitch a ride home with you, either in your bag or on your clothing, they’ll be perfectly content to live in your clean house. They can also live in any climate and have been found in all 50 states. Sadly, it’s impossible to eliminate bed bugs yourself and a professional exterminator is required.

You’ll Never Feel Bed Bugs Bite

The reason that people don’t detect bed bugs right away is because they rarely feel them bite. When a bed bug comes out at night to feed on you while you sleep, an ingredient in their saliva acts much like an anesthesia. The only evidence left behind are spots of blood on your sheets, or tiny bites that you may never notice.

Bed Bugs Can Wait You Out

Bed bugs are incredibly hearty insects and they can last for up to a year without a meal. That means if you go away, they can wait you out. It also means they could be dormant in a vacant apartment waiting for the next meal to show up, so be very wary when looking for a new place to live.

They’re Not Just in Your Bed

Even though they’re named after your bed, bed bugs have other favorite hiding places in your house. You can find them in your furniture, behind baseboards and switch plates and even in cracks in the wall. However, once you’re asleep, they slowly emerge from their hiding places and descend upon you while you’re completely oblivious.

Ending the Bed Bugs Nightmare

Having a bed bug infestation can be your worst nightmare. Because they can live anywhere and don’t make their presence known immediately, by the time you discover them, you’ve already got a full-blown problem. Hiring an experienced exterminator is the only way to get rid of bed bugs permanently and put a horrifying experience behind you.

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