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How to Revamp your Outdoor Space with the Right Furniture

Have you had that moment when you’re just staring at your patio and convincing yourself that the space feels empty and boring? It’s probably your outdoor space screaming at you to perk her up once and for all for Right Furniture.

Your patio, balcony, deck, or however you call it, certainly deserves the same kind of attention your kitchen gets from you. After all, your outside space is still part of your property. So better start stretching and get that space all spruced up!

Don’t get too excited, though. Because designing and remodeling your outdoor area into a smashing hang out place requires a lot of planning. Thoughtless purchase of furniture and home accessories will only turn your project into chaos. That’s because not every furniture will work well with each other or with the space itself.

Good thing our creative friends at SLH Furniture shared to us a few tricks of the trade when choosing the perfect home pieces for your outdoor area. These tips will ultimately help you turn that boring space into a fun and comfy gathering place!

1. Pick an Overall Theme and Right Furniture

A theme is a coherent style that can either match your personality or the very function of the space you want to perk up. The theme will be your ultimate guideline when it’s time to select materials, texture, and colors of the furniture.

It can be inspired by an existing motif such as tropical or minimal. It can also be inspired by your own favorite colour, whatever works for you. Just make sure that the accessories and home pieces you’re buying will exhibit the key elements of that chosen motif or theme.

2. Make Sure the Colors are Complementary

Whatever kind of space you have, the right colours will certainly set the mood and tone for it. Choosing the right and complementary colours will not only bring out your personality but also put emphasis to the motif you’re going for. For example, elegantly dark hues like mahogany will set a classy and mature mood, which is perfect for bars and lounges. While oak and white shades can make an outdoor area look cool and posh, especially if it’s perfectly sunlit.

Aside from the colours, You can also play with the textures and contrasting prints as long as they work well with the furniture and the space itself.

3. Opt for Durable Materials for Right Furniture

The furniture that will make up your new and improved patio will be more exposed to elements like dust, sun, and rain. Obviously, the materials of these pieces must withstand the harsh environment outside. You can choose from wood, metal, plastic, or polycarbonate. These materials have their own weaknesses and strengths, just gauge what will work well for the outdoor area you’re revamping. 

4. Set Your Budget

Technically, this must come first on the list. We just don’t want to spoil the fun of designing your own patio by telling you that sadly, the classy and durable furniture you’ve been eyeing might be way out of your budget. So you really have to think this through.

If you’re a little tight, you can make adjustments with the prices. Just make sure that the quality of the material and the design will not be compromised.

5. Get Your Measurements Right

Like we’ve said before, thoughtless purchasing will only ruin your project. So make sure to measure everything, from the entrances to the farthest ends of the space. These measurements will guide you on how big or small the furniture must be.

Keep in mind that aside from the home pieces and accessories, you are also fitting people into that space. And you want that area to be as spacious as possible so you and your friends can relax and move around freely.

Once you’ve done all of these steps, all that’s left to do is to buy some furniture! Our friends at SLH offer a huge collection of ready-made and tailor-made home pieces that will certainly match your personality and specifics. So don’t hesitate and shop around!

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