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8 Interior Tips to Make Your Home Feel Cozy during the Winter Months

Winter is a polarizing season that brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, and color changes in nature. As temperatures drop outside, it is quite natural to add some warmth and coziness into your home. It’s a perfect time to catch up on those shows and books you missed during summer, play board games, learn something new, or enjoy your hobbies. It is also a great opportunity to decorate your home to add a sense of winter warmth and transform it into a cozy burrow. Here are some tips that will help you comfy up your space. Below are 8 Interior Tips to Make Your Home Feel Cozy during the Winter Months.

  1. Add warm colors and textures

One of the most essential steps to make your place cozy during the winter season is to integrate warm colors by incorporating rich textiles and fabrics. Pale green, brownish red, and grey mixed with soft yellow and light green are all great options for you to consider. These colors look especially good against natural materials like stone or wood. Cashmere and wool are great materials when it comes to making your home cozy and warm. You can experiment with these colors and materials to see what combinations fit you best.

  1. Use plants and flowers

Fresh flowers and plants have always been an important ingredient for a snug den in winter, even though the selection of fresh is somewhat limited during this time of year. You could use white flowers with varied sizes, shapes, and textures to add interest to your interior. An alternative would be to use succulents and cactus flowers, not only to enjoy your cozy home, but also to purify the air. If you don’t have any plants or flowers at your place, you should definitely consider getting them to add a touch of greenery to your home and make it cozier and warmer.

  1. Good lighting is key

No winter decorating list is complete without considering lighting. Let’s face it: nothing is (perhaps) more important in creating a cozy atmosphere than good lighting. You should avoid using a single overhead lighting source. Instead, use as many light sources as possible, including floor and table lamps, task lighting, and ambience lighting. It is also a great idea to use clusters of illumination, especially when the sun goes down, to create an atmosphere of coziness and security for your loved ones and yourself. Just make sure to use warm (yellow) bulbs, since cold temperature lights will do you no favor!

  1. Don’t forget about candles

Ah, what can create a sensation of coziness, comfortable softness, and inviting warmth better than candles? You can use candles of all sizes, colors, and shapes, in addition to your lighting, to make any room extra romantic and cozy. Watching moving flames and their beautiful patterns on the wall can help you survive the brutal and cold winter months. We would highly recommend that you use beeswax pillars instead of soy or paraffin candles, because they burn longer, pull toxins from the air, and contain non-allergenic properties, helping protect you from airborne allergies.

  1. Birch branches

Just like candles and warm lighting, bare branches scream winter, so using white birch branches and logs is actually a good idea when it comes to adding an extra layer of coziness to your home decoration. You can use them in a variety of cases, such as to line with the hallway, frame a feature wall, or as decorative furniture. Using birch branches is an interesting way to decorate your home and add a soothing vibe and nature to your space. In addition to logs and branches, you can also use smaller cuts to create a unique decorative accent and make your home feel snugger.

  1. Scent and fragrance

Although accessories and décor play an important role in cozying up your home, it is also crucial to fill it with the smells of winter, too. What smells do you associate with winter? Ginger, cinnamon, chocolate, cranberries, rosemary, oranges, vanilla, and cloves will instantly create a sensation of coziness and warmth by filling your home with seasonal cheer. You could mix and combine these ingredients and come up with a perfect recipe for the winter mood. For instance, you could make cinnamon-scented pinecones and put them in a basket with pine needles or evergreens.

  1. Winter wall art

While it can be an interesting design choice to keep your walls entirely ‘naked’ or feature just one piece of art, this decision will definitely not add to the coziness and warmth of your home. If you don’t want to give too much attention to your walls and keep things as easy as possible, you can buy wall art that reflects winter and warms your interior by looking at it. If you are not willing to spend a lot on original artwork, you can always opt for a textile wall hanging.

  1. Window treatments

Window decoration is another way you can make your home cozy in winter. For example, luxurious drapery not only instantly adds warmth and coziness to your rooms, but also creates a fashion statement. You could also make some ornaments from scrapbooking paper, glue them together, and hang them on cording tapped to your window. This will not only decorate your home and add extra warmth to your interior, but also spread the joy of the holiday season.

The blistering cold weather outside encourages us to make our home cozier and more comfortable by adding something interesting and new to its interior. By following these 8 Interior Tips to Make Your Home Feel Cozy during the Winter Months and incorporating textural, rich layers, scents, and seasonal colors, you can make your place feel totally inviting and homey. We have just scratched the surface and there is so much more to cover! Pillows, ottomans, knit and fur blankets, and rugs are just a few items you should also consider when decorating your home and making it warm during the winter months. Use your imagination and creativity and you will see how your place will become cozier and more inviting, raising your mood and spirits when you come in.


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