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6 Decorating Tips for Making a Campervan Feel Like Home

Have you recently invested in one of these luxury motorhomes for sale? If so, you’re now probably wondering how to make it feel more personal and comfortable, like a proper home (albeit one that comes on wheels). However, decorating a motorhome isn’t as straightforward as one might think. For starters, the space is much more limited. You can’t exactly go around tearing out the fixtures, either. So, what can you do to make your campervan feel more like a home? Well, that’s what we’re going to be discussing today. Keep reading to find out our top decorating tips for motorhomes.

1.) Collecting Postcards

The beauty of having a campervan is being able to travel wherever you want in the world. You should want the décor of your vehicle to reflect that. That’s why we recommend collecting postcards, posters, or other mementos from your travels on the road, then sticking them up around your motorhome. This will also add a nice, quirky, personal touch and make your campervan feel more like home.

2.) Using Fairy Lights

Motorhomes can be a little dark because the windows in them are much smaller than your average home. To help add some light to the interior, you could invest in some fairy lights. These are very delicate and bohemian, making everything look cosier and more atmospheric. Fairy lights are relatively inexpensive and don’t require much effort to hang up, either.

3.) Changing the Upholstery

If you want to add a sense of character to your campervan, then it’s worth reupholstering the furnishings. This includes the driver/passenger seats, the sofas and maybe even the kitchen chairs. By injecting different patterns, colours and textures into your motorhome, you can properly decorate it to your taste.

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4.) Invest in Nice Curtains

Like we said before, there’s not much space to decorate inside of your motorhome and so you have to make the very most of what you’ve got. That’s why we recommend investing in some nice curtains to hang around the windows. This will make a subtle but significant difference to the interior of your campervan. Choose whatever best suits your taste; from elegant lace to funky velvet.

5.) Rugs or Doormats

Welcome people into your motorhome with a nice doormat. This could be as decorative or as practical as you like. Either way, it’s bound to make your campervan feel more homely. Meanwhile, rugs are brilliant for making everything a little plusher. This type of furnishing also has a lot of personality, coming in a variety of styles.

6.) Carpet and Walls

We recommend painting the interior of your motorhome wherever you can. For example, you could paint the kitchen cabinets white if you want to brighten everything up. It’s also possible to swap out the flooring, though this does require some ‘DIY prowess’. For instance, if you don’t like linoleum for the campervan bathroom, perhaps lay down some decorative laminate instead.

We hope you have found some ideas and inspiration from this list to make your campervan feels like home. Now go out and create the perfect campervan to suit your taste.

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