What Are The Key Features Of Walkers For Seniors

The best walkers for seniors help in enhancing the mobility of seniors and making them independent. These walkers can make seniors active and help them enjoy the outdoors just like everyone else. Finding the right walker is difficult with so many options available in the market. Talk to a physical therapist first for knowing the best walkers for seniors.

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Types of walkers

For older people not needing a wheelchair can take help from walkers providing necessary support and balance. The main types of walkers are:

  • Front wheeled walkers

A front wheeled walker has non swiveling wheels on the front legs making it easier to move on the rough surfaces. These walkers take a lesser toll on your upper body but do not provide that much support as much needed.

  • Standard walkers

The standard walkers come with four rubbed tipped legs helping a person lean for support. These are made of aluminum making them lightweight and offering the steadiest support. These are best for people who suffered a leg injury.

  • Rollator walkers

It is also called a rolling walker having three or four wheels with hand-operated brakes. These are best suited for using outdoors and come with a pouch or storage basket for storing anything you like. But these rollator walkers are very heavy making it difficult to carry them everywhere.

What to look for when buying walkers for seniors?

  • Dimensions

Always check whether the adjustable seats and handlebars are adjustable to each other for fitting the body. Only then the seniors will find comfort using these walkers. The width and frame of the seat must be wide enough for fitting the body and taking on maximum weight. The feet should touch the floor while sitting.

  • Foldable

Many users fold for support or transport purposes but it can be easier in some models than others. If the storage space in the house turns out to be an issue, then lift the walker and put it in the car. Choose walkers that can be easily folded if you want this issue to be solved. 

  • Weight

You don’t have a heavy walker for yourself. If you are looking for a standard model, make sure you can place your feet easily on the ground. Weight can be a problem if you are loading the walker to your vehicle. Only lightweight walkers can fit inside your cars conveniently.

  • Seat 

Four-wheeled rollators have seating arrangements in it so if you are planning of purchasing that, then check for the height of the seat. Measure whether you will be able to get in and out of the walker easily or not. If not so, adjust the height, and using push down brakes work best.


Maintaining mobility is a way of staying independent and people love it. Buy walkers for seniors suiting to your needs and purposes.


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