Pipeline Maintenance Services

Pipeline Maintenance Services – How to Get the Right Company

Hiring a pipeline maintenance service is not a decision that should come up only when things get out of hand. Some service providers in the steel, refinery, sewage, water treatment, chemical plant industry, and many others think seriously about these services when there is a leakage or more intense problems.

This fire brigade approach should be avoided by all means. As a matter of fact, the best way to maximize maintenance services is to engage them on time. This means right from the start. So, when you think about laying the extensive pipes, also give serious thought to regular check-ups.

By so doing, the chances of experiencing complications that can affect your company’s productivity and earnings are avoided.

Whether you are in the steel, refinery, water treatment plant, chemical plant, or any other sector that requires the use of pipelines, you need to get the right pipeline company onboard.

In light of this, we will discuss how to hire a good company for the maintenance of your pipelines.

How to Tell a Good Pipeline Maintenance Company

Pipeline Maintenance Services

Are you on the lookout for a pipeline installation and maintenance service provider?

Well, this should not be a problem as there are tons of licensed companies that render this service. However, the more serious question should be how you can tell a service that guarantees safety, as well as the smooth operation of your pipes.

Below are some of tips to help you make the right decision.

Experience and a Good Portfolio

Should you hire a start-up maintenance company?

That is not a clear no. However, dealing with a well-experienced company comes with a lot of benefits. First, you will be likely doing business with a service that has seen it all. They have made professional mistakes and learned how to better render their service, following industry best practices some of which are listed here.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to go over their portfolio. This will enable you to know the previous jobs they have handled, especially high-profile ones. By so doing, you can examine how well they rendered their service and use that as a yardstick for deciding whether to continue with them or move on to the next service provider.

This is not a luxury you get by dealing with a start-up. A new maintenance company in fact may need you to boost their portfolio. Is this what you want?

On that note, we strongly recommend that you deal with a company that has no less than 20 years experience. This is sufficient enough time to prove their position as great maintenance service providers.

You should also make sure that the chosen company does not have a bad record with the regulatory bodies.

Appropriate Licensing

Pipeline Maintenance Services

These companies do not operate in isolation. There are administrative organizations that ensure they carry out safe practices and protect the interest of their clients and the general public.

Before hiring any team to handle your pipes, make sure they have the required license to operate. These accreditations are location specific, so ensure that the license being presented to you is relevant in your location.

Other than the legality of dealing with a company licensed to operate, should things get out of hand, you can file a report to the appropriate regulatory body. This means you are dealing with a company subject to the dictates of the licensing office.

Insurance Cover

Of course, you aim to do business with a company with possibly no liability claim. While this is the goal, just in case things do not go as planned, you need a company that has a suitable insurance cover.

As a result, you should pay close attention to this before trusting the job to any company.

Awards and Notable Recognition

You should not take this for granted. A long-serving service provider with a good record should have one or two credible awards to show for it.

This can come from an administrative body or even a high-profile client impressed with the work carried out. There must be something to prove the team is safe to deal with.

Effective Risk Management

This sector is one of the most risk-laden ones. Especially for those operating in the oil and gas industry, a wrong decision can cause disaster, negatively affecting the environment, productivity and earnings.

As a result, you should look-out for a company with little or no record of failings in this regard. One way to know this is by checking their EMR and RIR ratings.

Generally, these ratings are used to assess how effectively the company has been able to carry out its operations without injuries to persons and damage to property.

It takes note of charges placed on them by insurance providers and other bodies. You can use these ratings as a yardstick for choosing a maintenance team.

Proactive Service and Quick Response Time

Some of these companies are called “intervention service”. This is clearly for a reason. A good maintenance team thrives not just on effective delivery, but also on speed of delivery. If the leaks, damages, and other complications are left unresolved for a while, things can quickly get out of hand.

For this reason, you need a maintenance team that delivers right on time. This is regardless of set appointments, times of the day, or season. A good service provider should understand the meaning of the word “emergency” and respect it.

Up-to-Date Training

The industry is not stagnant. There are always new and better ways to go about things. For example, a while ago, repairing a leaking pipe required suspension of operation. However, techniques such as line stopping, hot tapping, among others, mean that you no longer have to go offline to effect repairs.

On that note, you should ensure your chosen company is given to frequent training and retraining of staff members, especially the operational team. This should also be reflected in the use of top-quality equipment.

You can take a look at RJ Stacey to learn more about what to expect from pipeline maintenance service provider.

On a Final Note

As stated earlier in the article, you should not only consider a maintenance service when you are in distress. It is better to engage their services from the onset. This way, you avoid the possibility of experiencing damages that could have been sorted out on time.

You also get professional advice on proven and effective ways to use your pipes. You enjoy a lot of benefits when you take this step. Follow the tips shared above to choose the right company for your operations.


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