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How to Professional Painters Work

Hiring professional painters to do that job makes perfect sense as they can provide the perfect painting job in the least possible time and with the best quality. Painting the house yourself is definitely not the best possible option as it will not only take a lot of your time, but you will also have to buy the equipment that is necessary for painting. Even once you have all the equipment you will not be able to do the work as efficiently as them and get the same type of finish as they do. There is no rocket science behind how the professional painters are able to do their job so efficiently and nicely, as they have more experience in doing the same type of work again and again. Apart from that, professional painters make sure to follow a process while painting, which makes sure that everything is done step by step and smoothly. Let’s have a look at how professional painters like Colourific Residential Painters and many more do step by step preparation to maintain efficiency and quality in their work.

Clearing the room Professional

One of the most important things before prepping up the room or area for painting is to remove all the things from the room to avoid any kind of damage or paint marks laters on. Things like a bed, almirah, TV, and all the other items in the room are completely removed. Also, it is made sure that lights are removed from the room and nonremovable parts are properly covered and taped to avoid getting any paint spots or dust. Mostly things are covered by plastic sheeting to make sure that paint slips over easily.

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Fix any cracks and dents Professional

Once everything in the room is covered or removed, the professionals will start looking for any kind of dents and cracks in the walls and roof. If there are any, they are filled and flattened using a white cement or similar mixture that is used to fill all these cracks. They can also use a primer that is specifically designed to fill up such cracks and make sure that the finish is that of a smooth wall.


This is one of the most important parts of the painting. When you apply the primer or mix to remove any kind of cracks on the walls and fix any patches, they often leave the wall uneven or rough. These patches can also be seen in other parts of the wall, which have not been maintained well or have been painted for a long time now. Sanding helps to make the texture smooth and rib of any extra paint or primer from the wall that makes it uneven. It is basically the step of smoothing out the wall as it helps to provide a smooth finish on the wall. Professionals use different kinds of sanding paper and sanding foam as per the requirements.

How to professional painters work

Coating the wall and panting

Once sanding is done, the wall is coated with a strong primer that sets the base of the wall before the painting needs to be done. Once the primer has been applied, the professional will use a good quality paint to add 2-3 or more layers of paint as per the requirements and finish desired by the clients. Once that is done, the wall is left to dry.

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Once the painting is finished, professional checkout for any kind of finishing and detailing that is required after the paint has been applied, in areas like corners or edges. Once done, they clean the entire room and remove the plastic sheet to give the homeowners a new like room.


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