5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Blocked Drain Plumber

Blocked drains are a huge inconvenience, not to mention that they are pretty nasty too. However, they are very common plumbing issues that you just can’t run away from. So you are bound to experience a blocked drain now and again. And when it does, you need to know whether to do-it-yourself or call a professional blocked drain plumber.

At first, you may attempt to solve blocked drains on your own. You may use a plunger, drain cleaner, or a drain snake. For kitchen drains, you may try pouring boiling water, using baking soda and vinegar, or you can clean the p-trap. However, if these methods don’t work out or if you are constantly facing the same issue, then you probably need to leave the job to the experts.  

Why Hire a Blocked Drain Plumber?

1. A professional blocked drain plumber can find the root cause and fix it

When you hire an expert to deal with your drains, you can expect them to find what’s causing the blockage and deal with it before it creates bigger and costlier problems in the future. See, blocked drains do not only smell foul but they can also cause major damages to the structure of your home. They can even affect your health too when left untreated. 

Besides, if you were to deal with the problem on your own, you are only applying a temporary solution, which is just delaying the problem. 

2. He knows what he is doing

When it comes to fixing a blocked drain, or any plumbing issue at that, you need someone who knows what he is doing. This is to prevent mistakes and damages to your property. For example, if you are experiencing recurring blocked drains, this may be due to a collapsed pipework. Since professionals are knowledgeable about this matter, they know the best way on how to deal with it. In this case, they can safely excavate and install a new section of pipes without harming your home. 

3. He has the right tools

For professionals, they know exactly the equipment they need to deal with a blocked drain. They will come to your home fully prepared with all these tools. For instance, a local plumber in Burwood has relied on for many years, Inspired Plumbing uses a non-invasive CCTV drain camera to determine what’s causing your problem. They also use high-pressure machines to remove grease, oil, hair, tree roots, and other items that have built up over time. 

So you see, professionals are more equipped to clear and fix the problem without causing damage to your fixtures. 

4. He offers guaranteed work

Most professional blocked drain plumbers offer guarantees on their work. This means that they have full trust in their skills and capabilities. As a client, this is very beneficial as you know they will always deliver on their promises to prevent any repeat jobs. Additionally, this gives you an option to call them for another service in case there’s a problem with their work.  

5. It is more convenient

Finally, the last reason to hire a professional is that it’s just easier. You don’t have to test or buy products and you don’t have to try several methods. You can just make a call, sit back, and let the true experts handle it. Easy and hassle-free!

Need a Blocked Drain Plumber in Sydney?

If you are constantly experiencing blocked drains, give Inspired plumbing a call. We have been unblocking drains for over 14 years and we have seen them all, from toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, bathroom, and stormwater drains. Guaranteed, there’s no drain we can’t unblock. Call us today at (02) 9190 6764.


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