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5 Must-Have Woodworking Tools for Beginner’s DIY

Every craft requires skill and practice and woodworking is no different as it is all about learning the craft of woodworking and to practice it until one become a fine woodworking craftsman. So, it takes a lot of your time to become proficient at woodworking, but before attaining that tag of an expert you as a beginner can repair anything in your home. However, whenever it comes to make any craft worthy then, one definitely needs to rely on having the right tools.  If you are staring out the easiest thing to make is large wooden letters for yourself.

Band saws As we all know that the woodworkers in the previous times usually preferred to use the hand tools more in their work whereas the new age woodwork professionals like the ease and accuracy that modern tools can bring to their project. But, there is an undeniable fact that without a well equipped supply of woodworking tools no one can get very far. In addition to that, if you’re equipped with the right tools then you’ll be able to repair almost anything in your home without a need to call a maintenance specialist every time to fix something for you.

Do We Really Need to Equip Our Houses with Woodworking Tools?

I would say yes, you should have some or the other kind of woodworking tools. Because no matter how well-made or sturdy your house is, at times one part or the other of your house will require restoration, maintenance or repair services. So, you should be prepared for such eventualities. Just imagine you decide to improve your home but with the right tools you could do it quickly and without spending too much money. Isn’t that exciting?

And trust me, some people out there found it a joyful activity to build up the woodworking tools collection from some basic tools like saws, hammers and chisels, to other advanced tools like the shoulder planer and carcass saw etc. Having the right equipment and tools on hand is important to the successful repair or maintenance of any home as these allow you to fix any part of your home that requires a little tweak. So, it’s imperative that every household have at least a basic collection of woodworking tools for fixing up small home repair problems. Here are the most essential 5 woodworking tools for every beginner’s DIY.

  • The Hammer

The hammer is perhaps the most basic tool in every household. However, it also requires a proper balance as a poorly-balanced hammer will twist in your hand that can make it difficult to drive nails properly. The most commonly purchased hammer is the 20 oz. size because it’s heavy enough to easily drive nails. The wooden handles of a hammer however that most picturesque but the hammers with a steel handle, or fiberglass are stronger. However, you’ll need to make sure before purchasing the fiberglass and metal handles’ hammers that these have a rubberized grip for control and comfort. 

  • Measuring Tools

Any woodwork requires the accurate measurement to make sure that everything will come out level and plumb. Some of the basic measuring tools are as follows:

  • Tape measure – The tape measures come in different lengths i.e. some are of the length of 12 feet or 25 feet while others can measure upto 50 feet. A tape that is at least 5/8 inches wide is a good one to have for woodworking projects as it will remain rigid when you extend it.
  • Chalk line – As you can understand with the name a chalk line is used to mark a straight line which is specifically used while replacing flooring tiles or wallpaper.
  • Square – The dimensions of square used by the woodworkers are about 18 to 24 inches by 12 or 8 inches. This is a standard size because this particular size is required for cutting straight edges on hardboard and plywood.
  • Saws

Now, when it comes to cutting wood then you’ll require a saw. However, you need to look at the different saws for different purposes. But, the circular saws are the ones which are going to be in every woodworker’s kit because these are designed to rip through wood efficiently with electric power.  

  • Drilling Tools

Drilling tools are again the most important in a beginner’s DIY kit because these are used not just in drilling holes but with a range of attachments. However, having all kinds of drilling tools isn’t essential if you have a good power drill. But if you have different kind of drilling equipments then, you can quickly and easily drill pilot holes and screw in with the impact driver.

  • The Safety Tools

Woodworking can be dangerous and therefore, investing in the right safety equipments becomes important. The safety goggles and gloves offer some protection against accidents with tools.  Moreover, if you’re going to use some power woodworking tools, then you’ll need hearing protection as well. Also, face masks also protect you well enough.

So, in the end I would say that there isn’t a particular way to do woodworking and there are not as such some particular kind of tools that can make it rock. However, all the tools we discussed above can be the correct choice in their own context.  The most important thing is that being a woodwork beginner you should know that what kind of projects you’re likely to work on and choose the tools accordingly.



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