COVID-19 Crisis

Finding Faith During the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past few months, life across the globe has changed drastically. Few people expected how wide-reaching the pandemic would become when it began to make headlines. It’s easy to give in to feelings of anger and despair as you look at your calendar of canceled events, figure out how to maintain you and your family’s health and navigate working from home or finding a new job. However, this is the perfect time for you to explore an area of your life that you probably neglected during the busyness of your normal schedule: your spiritual life.

Research Different Faith Traditions

Since most faith gatherings are forbidden throughout the United States due to social distancing rules, you can find more information online about different faith traditions than ever before. Before delving into the many spiritual websites online, ask yourself what you are looking for in a faith tradition. Do you want a tradition grounded in the details of its spiritual text, such as The Way International? Do you want to become part of a faith that has many rituals and a long history? There are almost countless religions today, so having these questions in mind before you begin researching will help you narrow your search. Perhaps you will become so interested in one faith community that you join its in-person meetings when the country reopens.

Try Implementing Spiritual Practices Into Your Daily Life

Some religious rituals center around the community gathering in their house of worship. However, others are designed to be performed by individual believers. Even if religion is new to you, these daily spiritual practices help to create routine and normalcy in the midst of a very unusual and stressful situation. For example, many faiths offer some form of daily prayer to start and end your day. Reading a religious text and offering prayers of gratitude remind believers of their faith in powers that go beyond the reality that they are facing. Other practices such as meditation help to focus and calm believers, and you can adapt religious forms of meditation to find peace and relaxation. As you try out different at-home rituals, determine which ones feel the most natural to you and consider exploring the faith tradition from which they originate.

Connect With People From Different Faith Traditions

During normal times, if you want to experience a faith tradition’s worship services, you have to actually go to the house of worship. Most houses of worship now stream their weekly services and offer information services over Zoom or other videoconferencing software. You can join the live stream and leave if you are uncomfortable, or you can watch prerecorded services and skip the parts that do not appeal to you. Additionally, many faith traditions are offering online small groups and other ways of connecting virtually. Consider joining a group where you can ask questions about the faith tradition’s beliefs and practices and find out if it is the right fit for you.

As you make it through this stressful period, use some of your free time to research spirituality and see if you can find peace in a faith tradition.

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