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The 5 Best Things About Residential Painting

Painting is often considered an easy DIY task for people to undertake.

The challenge when painting your Perth home can be weighing up your own skills with the finish you want to achieve, whether you have the time to complete the task, and whether you have the budget to buy equipment or tools that you may not use again.

If you are looking for why you should choose a residential painter over the DIY option, here are five good reasons before you race off to the hardware store.

1. Experienced painters can get the task done quickly

When you choose someone who paints professionally, you will find that a task which may take you a full day may be completed by them in half the time.

What’s more, they can focus on just doing their job, as they may not have to deal with life interruptions that can come your way such as kids needing attention.

2. They will handle the cleanup process

Imagine you start Saturday morning, deal with the kids, cleared the area that you want to paint, and finally finished a room after taping, cutting in, fixing any little areas, and ordering pizza for dinner at 9:00 pm at night.

Then you have to clean up.

The great news is a professional painter will clean up after themselves, and there is less incidence of mess.

3. A professional residential painter has that extra knowledge

Not all paint is created equal, and depending on the surface that you are painting, a professional will be able to advise and recommend the right type of paint for the right surface.

It’s not just walls that they are equipped to handle. They will also have experience and expertise in painting doors, kitchen cabinets, and even helping with intricate work in the case of heritage homes or feature walls.

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4. Residential painters already have the right equipment.

No need to hire extraction fans or heaters to dry out a room. A good painter will already have this covered. Depending on the area (inside or outside your home), you can be confident that someone experienced in residential painting will know what is needed.

5. Residential Painters stay up to date with trends.

We can paint our homes for many different reasons. Sometimes we want to update the style of our home. Sometimes we want to get ready for resale.

A professional painter can actually help you with what is on trend so that you aren’t choosing a look and feel only to find yourself investing in a do-over within a few months.

They can talk to you about what is happening with your property, and recommend the right type of paint – for example, if you are thinking about turning a property into a rental, they may recommend a painted surface that is easy to wash and will withstand small children if the home is intended for a family.

With all these great reasons, the next step is knowing how to choose the right residential painter to help you with the goals you have for your home.

How to choose the right residential painter in Perth.

1. What is their level of experience for your type of project?

While the price is a consideration, it does not always equate to value. Experience does need to be factored into the equation, and if you have a particular style of home, or look and feel you are wanting to achieve, you will want to choose someone who has a portfolio of work that is similar to yours.

2. What do other people say?

Check for testimonials from other clients they have worked with, and if they don’t have any on their website or social media, ask if you can speak to a few references if you haven’t already heard of them by word of mouth. Some good indicators are what customers talk about in relation to how they clean up, whether a project is completed on time, and how they answer any questions or concerns.

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3. Is insurance up to date.

A professional tradesman will have up to date insurance. This is to give you peace of mind if by chance something does go wrong while they are painting your property. Accidents can happen – all it would take is a large dog to bolt through a room and knock a ladder.

4. What is their painting process?

Be sure to ask about what time they would arrive on site, what will your role be in relation to clearing the space to be painted, whether there will be fumes or noisy equipment, and whether you need to be on site, or if you can leave. Ask how they will handle any potential problems that may arise, and be sure to have a quote that is very clear on what is included and excluded.

Just remember that when you are getting quotes, know your priorities around budget, experience and expectations on the finish, and be sure to ask all painters you deal with the same questions so you can make an informed decision.

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