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When is the Best Time to Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning your home every day is a common practice for good hygiene. Your house must stay clean, especially if you have children around. One of the things that need regular cleaning at home is our carpet. But unlike other materials and furniture, you cannot easily detect if your carpet already needs some cleaning. Most of the time, grime, dirt, germs, and pollutants hide deep down the rugs.

We commonly bring out the vacuum cleaner to pick-up crumbs and stains out of the carpet. What we do not know is that there may still be deep-seated dirt, pet hair, and filth, thus requiring a more thorough carpet cleaning. But, how often you need to clean your carpet flooring will depend on many things. And, there are two basic ways that you can clean your carpet as follows:


It is prudent to vacuum your carpet at least two times a week. But in places that get a lot of foot traffic, you might need to do it more often. Use a vacuum with a rotating brush to efficiently lift embedded grime and dirt. You will also need to move furniture to clean areas where accumulated dust and muck usually hides. It is advisable to vacuum before you do a deep carpet cleaning. Vacuuming first will ensure that large dirt particles and soil will be removed. Some people prefer to vacuum again after cleaning the carpet. If you do, make sure that the rug is completely dry before vacuuming.

 Deep Cleaning

Most homeowners have their carpets cleaned by professionals at least once every year. But for carpets that get stepped on or used a lot, you might need to do a deep cleaning within three to six months. Some people buy a carpet cleaning machine for this purpose. However, giving your precious carpet professional cleaning is still necessary to make sure that all dirt, stains, and grimes deep down are gone. 

 Factors that Determine the Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

Although you regularly clean your carpet, there are factors at home that will make you determine how often you should be cleaning your rugs. It may be different from one home to another, but taking these things into account will ensure that you are giving your carpet flooring the appropriate cleaning it needs.

 Carpet Material and Color

Carpets made of heavy materials absorb and tend to hide dirt more than those with light materials. Also, it is harder to see the stains and messes on dark-coloured carpets as compared to light-coloured rugs indicating the need for immediate cleaning.

 Foot Traffic

Carpeted areas that get a lot of daily foot traffic will require more frequent cleaning than rooms that are not frequently visited by people. For rooms with heavy daily foot traffic, make sure to use robust yet easy to clean carpets to ensure that they will last long.

 Children and Pets

The presence of kids and pets at home entails more dirt and mess. Kids can easily spill almost everything like food and drinks on your rugs. On the other hand, pets can leave hair, pee, soil, and other and other messes on your carpet. Thus, homes with kids and pets will need to clean their carpets more often.

 Carpet Warranty

When buying a carpet for your home, make sure to read the user guide, including its warranty manual. Manufacturers generally give information on how often should the rug be cleaned to keep it in good condition. The manuals also include the proper way of cleaning the carpets; thus, ensuring that it will retain its attractive appearance. 

Habits of Family Members

Every family has different practices that will determine how often their home carpets need deep cleaning. Households that do any of the following will be required to tidy their carpeted flooring frequently:

  • Let everybody wear their footwear inside the house
  • Family members smoke
  • Entertain guests frequently
  • Stay, eat, or often play in rooms with carpets

Area of Residence 

Where you live is also a factor to know when is the proper time to get carpet cleaning. If you stay in an area where there is a lot of dust, pollutants, and passing vehicles, then you will need more regular cleaning than houses that are not easily reached by contaminants. Weather conditions can also be considered. You will need to clean carpets more during the rainy season due to the mud carried from outside your home. Also, you need to check under your rug for dampness during the cold season.

 Remember that your carpeted living area is where all family members gather around to bond and do things together. Keeping it tidy all the time will ensure that your family will be sitting in a clean and germ-free place; thus, keeping everyone from possible sickness. Likewise, deep-seated dirt lurks in your carpet without you knowing it. Therefore, it is wise to give your carpet a thorough cleaning by professionals like Boas Cleaning Services to ensure that your home will remain sparkling clean and spotless.



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