Why Do People Use Door Less Showers?

Why Do People Use Door Less Showers?

What is Door Less Shower?

Door less shower, just as the name infers, is a shower enclosure that has no doors to close behind you. This type of shower does not need curtains either, and this means that it is more open than any other shower designs available today. Doorless showers are also referred to as Roll-in showers and Roman showers.

Doorless Shower Designs

The design of a doorless shower needs to be instructed under professional assistance because every part of the shower that is exposed to water or moisture must be watertight. In other words, you must use water-resistant floors as well as water-resistant walls for the design. However, since water splashes in all directions when you shower, you need to consider a water-resistant ceiling. All these and many other features are very important in the design of the doorless shower. 

The main features of doorless showers include showers as well as bathtubs, all placed in a single space that is designed with water-resistant materials. The doorless shower looks modern, clean, and beautiful. When the design is perfect, your bathroom will look more like a high-end spa. Besides, you will not feel stressed or bored when you want to get a quick rinse-off.

Most doorless showers feature a built-in lip or ledge to help contain the water and also to help prevent water from flowing to other areas. Also, they usually elevate many of these showers to prevent water overflow. This also gives room for a lower overflow risk and a longer drain pipe.

Some Unique Benefits of Using Doorless Shower

Doorless showers offer a walk-in design to homeowners. This design comes with different benefits. Although this design may look like an option that will make water to splash everywhere, there is a partition in the front that prevents this. This prevents water from splashing everywhere other than the bathroom. Some doorless shower designs come with shower glass that prevents scale buildup, mold, mildew or soap scum formation. When you are through with your shower, you have to wipe things down, and everything will be clean for the day.

Doorless showers come in a variety of design options. While the commonest of the designs is the wet room style, you can change your plan. You can do this by including a tub or a toilet with a full sink. This will help you form a perfect bathroom. You can get three walls with an enclosure cubicle. This will help to reduce water exposure. If you have limited space, you can have a two-wall, corridor-style shower.

Before you think about a doorless shower, you need to learn more about it. Did you know these unique benefits of using doorless showers? If you like to make an upgrade, you need to consider these key points.

Benefits of Using Doorless Shower

  1. It creates an illusion of a larger space.

Although a small bathtub can take space in your home’s bathroom, replacing such with doorless shower will help you create an illusion of more space. This is because you don’t have to open anything before entering the bathroom with this design. Also, the usable square footage will increase because you won’t have to walk yourself around the tub. To increase the space, you can go for the curbless designs. You will experience this when adding a shower to the little bathroom space you have. If you are currently using a bathtub, a doorless shower will help to add more space to the bathroom.

  1. It reduces the accumulation of moisture in the bathroom.

The perfect installation of a doorless shower will prevent you from having moisture collection points throughout the bathroom. For those taking more extended shower, there will be condensation on the walls and ceiling. This will lead to the creation of yellow streaks that you will have to clean with hard water. You will get rid of water spots when you remove the door to create a doorless shower. To ensure a hygienic experience, you need to wipe down the shower.

  1. Doorless shower designs can also fit into your existing bathtub.

The type of home structure you have currently will surely be the one to dictate the kind of doorless shower you must use. However, before you try to incorporate this shower option into your home, you must perform a full bathroom remodeling project. Also, depending on the current unit you have, some doorless shower designs can fit into your existing bathtub. This is only possible with the installation of a partition. For those with mobility issues, they can go for the curbless option. This will prevent them from stepping up into space anytime they want to take a shower.

  1. You can install a doorless shower almost anywhere on your property.

The installation of the doorless shower practically anywhere in your house is one of its unique benefits. If you have a drain in your basement or a little extra space, you can install a doorless shower by routing the plumbing work there. You can use the treated wood of your deck to create a doorless shower to your treehouse. All these are possible with the help of a plumber. Since you may need building permits to install the shower, make sure you ask your contractor to get them for you before you start.

  1. You get the luxury to create a spa in your home.

The design of a doorless shower creates a modern look for your home. No matter the material you use (glass, tile, or wood), you will create a perfect bathroom. Such a bathroom serves as a supportive space where you can relax at the end of the day. Although you will pay more than a product like Bath Fitter, it doesn’t cost much to get this feeling of luxury. With a doorless shower, you will have a spa in your home that allows you to start and end your day the way you want.

Design and Construction Details

The design of a doorless shower should be both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Below are some design tips that will help you and your contractor have the perfect doorless shower ever.

Size – With doorless shower, size matters. Although local building codes recommend a minimum of 36 in. by 36 in. for a standard bathroom, there must be an additional 24 in for a doorless shower. This is to prevent water from splashing outside the bathroom.

Position – You must place the shower in one corner of the bathroom. The doorless shower may look out of space if the shower is placed in the center of a wall.

Drains – Consider multiple drains in a doorless shower. Make sure the floor is graded toward a drain. Multiple drains will help prevent water from running out of the bathroom floor.

Flooring – Choose non-slippery flooring for your doorless shower design. Do not use glazed tile because it offers a higher risk of falling and slipping. Use matte flooring like slate, unglazed travertine, or limestone.

Waterproof materials – For professional performance, use only waterproof fixtures and lights within the showerhead spray distance. This will help prolong their lives and usage.

Use glass – If you have a small-size bathroom, go for the glass design. While more extensive size bathrooms use tiled walls, you will have a feeling of openness when you use glass for your small bathroom. It will also allow light into the shower while giving you privacy.


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