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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Nice

After a long day away from home, the worst thing to come home to is a gross smell that permeates throughout your entire house. But luckily, with the right habits and priorities, you can avoid having a home that smells foul.

To show you how this is possible, here are three ways you can keep your home smelling nice.

Keep Specific Areas Clean

In most homes, there are certain areas that are the usual culprits for bad smells. The trick with these areas is to make sure that you’re keeping them clean so that nothing gross builds up in these areas and results in those bad smells in your home.

According to Lauren Smith McDonough and Amanda Garrity, contributors to Good Housekeeping, some of the areas that you should focus on when attempting to keep your home clean and free of gross smells include your garbage disposal, your trash cans, and your air vents. By ensuring that these areas are always properly cleaned and refreshed, you’ll be able to keep most of the worst smells at bay as well as making areas that disperse air, like your vents, free from anything that smells bad.

Limit Moisture Levels

One big reason why your home might not smell as fresh as it could be may be due to excessive moisture. When moisture levels are high in your home, there will often be musty, moldy smells that accompany it.

To combat this, Maria del Russo, a contributor to Real Simple, recommends that you try to keep your home free of too much carpeting or rugs, as they can easily hold onto moisture and become musty and moldy. If you do find that you have too much moisture in your home, like over 60 percent, you may want to bring in a dehumidifier to remove some of this moisture and make your home less humid.

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Let Some Fresh Air In

While many people have used things like air fresheners or candles to make their home smell a certain way, these artificial scents can actually be harmful to your lungs and cause indoor air pollution.

As another option, Michelle Ullman, a contributor to The Spruce, shares that you should try to open your windows more in order to bring in more air from outside. Unless you live in a very polluted area, the air outside your home is likely fresher than the air inside of your home. So to push out some bad smells and bring in something fresher, consider opening your windows more during the day.

If you want to make your home smell better in a more natural way, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.

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