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How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Cabinets and Vanity

Many may overlook the cabinets when they are remodeling their bathrooms.

But this little space will make a big difference if you put a little effort into giving it new life. Bathroom remodeling is an important task when remodeling your home.

Here are some things you can do to give your bathroom cabinet a much-needed update.

  • Replace Hardware

If you’ve been using your cabinet for quite some time, it may have signs of wear and tear. Replacing the hardware doesn’t just give it a brand-new feel, it will also help in functionality.

If it has a rather old-fashioned door hinge, replace it with a European-style hinge that will keep the door from slamming into the cabinet frame and give it a nice clean look.

Replace old handles with modern ones to give it an updated look. You can easily find replacement parts in home-improvement stores or order them online. 

  • Paint 

Don’t just paint over the old color. Make sure to ask your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor to strip the old paint and sand the wood.

If the wood has nice grain over it, you can use that to your advantage by using waterproof wood sealer. An even coating will give the wood a natural and make it stand out in your bathroom.

But if your overall theme will not fit the natural look, then pick and choose the right color and make it look good for your bathroom.

Just remember to strip the old paint and sand the wood to get a desirable result from your effort.

  • Replace the Sink Area

If you’re replacing the vanity, then you can update the faucet and sink.

Choose something that will still fit the overall theme of your bathroom but make sure to lean it to more modern times. This will make your vanity pop out more and give it flair like no other.

  • Change the Lights

Presentation is everything. Talk to your contractor on how to properly light the area where your bathroom cabinet is located so that you can highlight it and also make it easy for you to navigate around it.

These tips are simple yet effective in turning your bathroom cabinets from old and drab to awesome and exciting furniture pieces in your home renovation.

Make sure to plan out what color to use and what types of hardware to get your desired result.


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