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4 Home Improvement Projects that Help Your Neighbors Too

When you are deciding on your next home improvement project, why not try to do something that will improve the value of your neighbors’ properties as well? Why not do something that will strengthen your bond with the people that live closest to you? If you’re lucky, your neighbors will then reciprocate this, and all of you will benefit from improved property values all around. 

Four specific ways to do this may come to mind right away. If you decide that you want to improve your home by sharing offense, that’s a good neighborly concept. If you’re going to do some complementary landscaping with your nearest cohorts, that’s another option. If all of you in a community decide that curb appeal is essential, you can all approach that as a home improvement project. And on a personal level, if you do some soundproofing on your home, even when you listen to music or movies loud, it will be less of a nuisance to your nearest neighbors. 

Sharing a Fence

There’s something to be said for having a definite property line between you and your neighbors. Many times this is a tacit agreement between two people, but by adding a fence to your property, you were doing several things. You are making this agreement about property lines official, and having a fence actually improves the value of your home and your neighbors. This is a win for everyone as long as both neighbors can decide what the best type of fence is.

Complementary Landscaping

A great home improvement project is to improve your general landscaping. Plus, if you talk to your neighbors about this, you will often find that you are of the same mind as them. You can both plant the same types of trees, put in the same kinds of flowers or bushes, or generally coordinate the territory between your homes. When done correctly, this builds a lot of community appeal. 

Overall Curb Appeal

Along with the idea of appeal in general, working on your curb appeal as a homeowner can be a big deal to you and your neighbors. Even if you aren’t selling your house, having great curb appeal it makes you feel better about where you live. We’ve all seen houses that look rundown, and it colors our opinion of the people who live next door. Be the person who improves the look of their neighborhood, not the person that brings it down. 

Noise Reduction

A final concept as far as home improvement goes that would be beneficial to your neighbors would be if you work with some noise reduction concerning your house. Noise reduction could be something like adding soundproofing to any rooms where you have loudspeakers, or, it could be reducing noise when it comes to your furnace, air conditioner, or other outdoor appliances that make what might be a disturbing amount of noise. 



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