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4 Closet Organizers You Can’t Live Without

Keeping all of your clothing and accessories organized yet visible can take your closet to the next level. If you can’t see it, chances are you won’t wear it, and you won’t know what you still need. There are a number of closet organizers that can help you make the most of your space. Arranging and maintaining your closet will always be an ongoing process. However, it’s definitely the key to utilizing all the fashion pieces you own.

Over-the-Door Storage

There are many different over-the-door storage opportunities to help you organize your closet. Over-the-door pockets, shelves, and hooks allow you to arrange items for easy viewing and accessibility. Think outside the box. Over-the-door pocket hangers are great for organizing shoes, leggings, hair styling products, and accessories. Use hooks to hang jewelry, hats, purses, and belts. There are numerous opportunities to improve your organization with an over-the-door contraption and a little creativity.

Specialized Hangers

These days, there are hangers designed for every piece of clothing out there. Cascading hangers are exceptionally popular right now because they allow clothing to take up vertical space in your closet, allowing for more hangers on the rod. Specialty hangers for belts, scarves, pants, and tank tops help to keep closet free from clutter. An added tip is to buy thin, felt hangers that all match. This allows them to fit together nicely and gives you extra space to store your wardrobe. They also make your closet just look more organized and clean.

Modular Storage Options

Build or purchase a modular closet system. A premade unit that will perfectly fit both the decorative and functional needs of a closet might be the answer to your storage problems. Creating shelving and drawers really adds to space. Build or buy these items, or create them through the use of bins, buckets, and totes. Rolling and tucking items in your drawers helps you see everything you have and therefore helps you to choose different styles each day.

Hanging Hooks and Baskets

Hanging single hooks and baskets in your closet is a unique way to display your style and organize your clothing. Single hooks are excellent for purses, belts, and outerwear. Don’t let bulky hoodies and vests take up space on your rod. Instead, hang them on their own hook in some dead space off to the sides. Hanging baskets can be used inside the closet or outside of the closet on your wall space to discreetly hold fashion items while adding to your interior design.

Before you organize your closet, take everything out of it and determine what must stay and what must go. Now you’ll have a good idea of what styles and colors you might have to add and which ones you have more than enough of. Your next step is to choose the proper closet organizers for your wardrobe. There are so many tips and hacks available for keeping a closet organized. Choose the ones that work best for you and get started!

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