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4 Ways to Save Money as A Senior

Many seniors find it hard to save money as they are usually either semi-retired or retired and not making much money anymore. And because of this, many of them don’t have a lot of money to indulge, as they are either relying on a pension, or a part-time job to make ends meet. However, all is not lost, as there are a few things that you can do as a senior to try and save some money.

1. Ask for a Discount

Asking for a discount is a great way to save on your day-to-day expenses. As you will come to learn, there are all kinds of discounts available today, such as a senior’s discount and a veteran discount that you may be eligible for. One of the perks of being an elderly citizen is access to senior discounts, and sometimes all you need to do is ask a business you want to transact with if they have any discount available. Another great way to save money is to do your research online before. If you can do this, you may find that certain items can be bought a lot cheaper than you had originally anticipated. Many different retailers, travel services, restaurants, transportation companies, grocery stores, and utility providers offer seniors discounts to people who ask for them, so it is always worth asking because you might be able to save a lot of money.

2. Have Fun for Free

As you get older, you will find that you have a lot more free time to start trying new things and engaging in new activities. However, to do a lot of the things that you may have wanted to do when you were younger, you need to have some money to pay for them, which is not always ideal for seniors. However, you don’t always have to spend money for you to have a good time. There are plenty of things that you can do as a senior that are free to everyone, so you should take advantage of them in order to pass the time. Public facilities such as community centers, public libraries and parks are great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money because there is always something to do in these places that is for free or a low price. Also, most communities will have initiatives in place to look after their senior citizens such as free events, discounted services or educational opportunities, so you will always have something to do that won’t cost a lot.

3. Change Your Living Arrangements

As you get older, you may find that in order to save money, you may need to make changes to your living arrangements. For instance, if currently living alone, you should consider moving places, because living alone can be expensive. You should contemplate looking for a housemate to save some money or better yet, moving into an aged care facility like Kew Gardens Aged Care. Living in an aged care facility means that you will always have people to care for you and that there is always someone to turn to in the event of an emergency. This is particularly important if you are under medication or are suffering from a given medical condition, because you never know when you could take a turn.

4. Think About Your Transport

Another thing to consider when you get older is the money that you spend on transport. While you may have chosen to settle into a quiet life, owning a car will still come with some expenses. It costs a lot of money a year to run and maintain a vehicle, and if your vehicle is older, you can expect the maintenance costs to be quite high. While not many people are open to the idea of living without a car, it’s still possible to save in other ways. For instance, carpooling with other seniors, looking for lower insurance premiums, or even shifting to an area with reliable public transportation can all make a big difference. 

The only way to live a comfortable life during retirement is to try and save where you can. The key is to try and figure out where any unnecessary expenses are, so that you don’t waste your money on things that you don’t need. It can be hard to start saving your money at first, but you’ll be happy that you did it later on, because you can use your money for the important things that you really need.


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