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3 Top Trends in Interior Design of Each House

Designing the interior of your home is never a simple task. You see, the majority of people go for one of two objectives. First, they want the place to be functional and second, they want it to satisfy an important visual criterion. The problem with the latter lies in the fact that the visual impression that the place makes may be quite subjective. This is why people are often on the lookout for the latest interior design trends that could help them get the most out of their household. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top three trends that are meant to improve any household.

Natural materials

The first major trend that you want to abide by is the use of natural materials indoor. The reasons behind this are numerous. First of all, natural materials are sustainable. Second, they’re not used as often, which makes them unique-looking and even adds a hint of luxury to the place. Hardwood, stone and metal are never elements that you associate with something cheap, which is what makes them quite high-end. Most importantly, these elements are both evergreen and long-lasting, which means that once you outfit your home in this manner, you’re settled for good.

Other than the conventional use of these materials, you can also consider erasing the line between the exterior and interior of your home by utilizing outdoor furniture inside. For instance, an outdoor rug is a great addition to your living room or bedroom. In fact, it’s one of the simplest ways to make the place look more rustic. On top of this, due to its nature, it’s quite durable and a lot easier for maintenance. Materials like hardwood, metal and wicker are also great ideas that you can use.

Aside from these inanimate objects, you could also opt for something a tad greener. For instance, you could create an indoor jungle. The reason why this trend is so amazing is due to the fact that it freshens up the place both visually and by purifying the air within the room. Other than this, indoor plants come in all textures, shapes and sizes, which means that depending on your goals for the place, you can always find something adequate. For instance, if you want to make the place look smaller, you can opt for a high plant in a massive planter, while you can pick something that’s a bit shorter in order to achieve the adverse effect.

New color trends

Another thing you need to keep track of is the color trends that change with every passing year. Sure, there are some palettes that are virtually timeless but, then again, there are some hues that get popularized by the way in which they align with the rest of interior trends. For instance, natural colors like moss green, sage green or soft earth tones create an amazing symbiosis with the above-discussed natural materials. In other words, by combining the materials with colors, you’re already making a step in the right direction, seeing as how you’re planning two steps ahead.

The problem, nonetheless, lies in the fact that the implementation of these ideas isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem to you at the moment. You see, the amount of light that your home is receiving (something we’ll discuss later on), the amount of furniture within the room (minimalism or minimalism) and the question of painting finesse all need to be resolved at the same time. This is why hiring professional painters in Sydney may be the best course of action. Even if you’re already dead set on the color, listening to their advice might still prove to be quite useful.

Properly painting the place is one of the simplest ways for you to add a hint of luxury to it. Namely, there’s no cheaper and quicker way to make the place look high-end than to add some crown mold to the mix. Still, this is not universal advice. Why? Well, so far, we’ve mostly discussed the appeal of a rustic look of the place and improper use of crown mold might seriously disrupt this effect. This too is where you might use some professional assistance.

Statement lighting

Light is more than just a functional feature of the place. First of all, it’s vital for the overall impression that the place makes. Your choice of colors, furniture and even the layout of the place will play out differently depending on the lighting within the place. previously, we’ve mentioned the idea of using an optic illusion to make the place look larger or smaller. Well, you can do this with the light, as well, seeing as how a dimmer illumination will make the place more intimate-looking, as well as substantially smaller.

When it comes to it, the choice of fixtures makes all the difference. For instance, statement pendant lighting across the ceiling may help enhance the visuals of the place, on their own. This way, you have the privilege of creating a hybrid between functional fixtures and accessories. The number of lighting fixtures matter, as well. This is especially true for those who want to go with layer lighting. This interesting system allows you to A) fully customize the lighting scheme of the room and B) make it more unique.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that no matter how much effort you invest in reinventing the artificial lighting scheme of the place, you still need to allow as much natural light as possible. Sure, this is a structural thing but with reflective paint and strategic use of mirrors, you can truly achieve quite a bit.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to understand is the fact that there are so many trends in interior design that you can opt for. The reason why we’ve decided to put the above-listed three to the front is due to the fact that they’re universally applicable regardless of the layout of the place, its size or geographical location. This versatility alone is a huge asset for anyone looking to redecorate their household.


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