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3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfortably Cool During Your Holiday Celebrations

During the winter, most people are concerned with how to keep their homes toasty warm as a haven from the cold outside. But if you’re planning on having people over for some holiday celebrations, you might be more concerned with how to ensure everyone stays at a comfortable temperature with so many bodies packed into your entertaining space.

To help you achieve this, here are three tips for keeping your home comfortably cool during your big holiday celebrations. 

Be Strategic With Fans

Once you start welcoming the guests for your winter holiday celebrations, it might be a good idea to have some fans strategically placed throughout your home so you can get some air movement if and when things start to get a little stuffy. 

According to Jo-Anne Rowney, a contributor to Mirror.co.uk, the best strategy for this is to create a cross breeze. To do this, place one fan near a window that can easily be opened. Then, have another fan placed further into the room but on the same trajectory as the first fan. If things start getting too hot, open the window slightly and turn on both fans. This will allow the cool air from outside to be blown further into your home and not just right by where the window is open. 

Turn Off What You’re Not Using

Running all the lights and appliances that you needed to use to get ready for your holiday celebrations can really heat up your home. So once you’re no longer using these things, Elizabeth Manneh, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, recommends that you turn off all internal heat sources that you aren’t actively using. 

While you might need to keep certain dishes warm for your guests, try to keep big things like your oven off so that there’s no residual heat coming off that appliance and heating up the rest of your home to an uncomfortable level. 

Provide Hot And Cold Drinks

While you might be worried about your home getting too hot, there’s always a chance that one of your guests will feel like things are just a little too cold for them.


To be as accommodating as possible, Hannah Lavine, a contributor to Martha Stewart Weddings, recommends that you provide cool drinks for those that get too warm but that you also provide hot drinks for those that might need some extra heat. By having both options available, you’ll be able to help everyone feel comfortable regardless of what the actual temperature of the room may be. 

If you’re going to be hosting holiday parties soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep your home at a comfortable temperature during these celebrations. 


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