Septic Tank Cleaning

Why Septic Tank Cleaning is Important?

Everything needs care and maintenance to last longer. Just like all the parts that complete your home e.g. roof, basement, walls, bathrooms, kitchen, your house septic tank also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Proper maintenance of septic tanks is very important. These tanks can be a great way of saving money by eliminating the wastewater from your property. However, regular inspection of these tanks is important to plan out the care and maintenance schedule.

Septic Tank Services in Aurora IL help you in assessing the cleaning needs as well as keep you from putting your health at risk. Septic tank cleaning is very important both for the residential and commercial properties. The importance is detailed below:

Frequency of septic tank cleaning

Many homeowners do not have any idea of how often they should be getting their septic tanks cleaned. The answer is simple: it depends on your situation. An average household is required to be cleaned after every two or three years. However, if there are more people living in your home, your home generates a good amount of wastewater and the size of your septic tank is not that big, then your house will need Septic Tank Cleaning Services frequently.

The septic service company sends experts to your home who inspect the whole system for any leakages or clogging. They also measure the sludge in your tank to get an idea of how much cleaning is necessary. The professionals can also provide you detailed records of the cleaning visits so that you keep a track of waste levels and how sooner did you need the service after last service.

Increasing the time between septic tank cleaning services

If you arrange Septic Tank Maintenance, you can increase the time between the septic tank cleaning services. The service report record provided by the professional company helps you in identifying the total usage of water your house usually uses. If you try to improve the water efficiency then it can improve the system functioning as well as the wastewater produced by your household.

The water is wasted in toilets, showerheads, drips, leakage, washing machine, watering the plants and other similar ways. You also have to make sure that the wastewater is properly disposed out of your house. Everything being drained down the pipes will ultimately affect the septic system maintenance schedule.

DIY Septic cleaning?

Many people want to try and clean septic tanks on their own. However, the question is: can they clean the septic tank on their own? The tanks are not like any other part of your house. handling septic tank can be very dangerous. Whenever a septic tank is cleaned, all the pumped-out material has to be stored in containers and disposed of as per regulation requirements. Any mistakes can seriously hurt your health.

Septic Tank Pumping Services help you in saving money by maintaining the septic tanks condition and avoiding costly replacements.

When to clean your septic tank?

Apart from the regular maintenance requirements of a septic tank, there are some emergency cases and scenarios when you need urgent septic tank cleaning.

Drains are slow

When you observe the slow draining in your house, then it means you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. The plumbers can fix the slow-draining bathtubs, sinks and toilets. The slow drainage is a symptom of a failing septic system. As long as it is just one sink or tub, it means that particular sink or tub might be getting clogged. However, when you observe it happening to all of your drains then it means that the overall system is failing and needs immediate cleaning by professionals.

Sewage issues

When the drains slow down, it means something is blocking or clogging the way. If the issue is left untreated then the drains might get fully clogged. All the wastes then start to backup from the sewage. The sludge in bathtubs, sinks are signs of septic system backup and clogging. You can call professionals for resolving the problem.

Check drain fields

You should keep a check on the drain field of your house. whenever you see standing water, dampness and humidity without humid weather and foul smell then it means that the septic tank and sewage systems are not working properly. during Septic Tank Installation in Aurora IL, the experts guide you how to keep a check on the drain fields.

Foul smell

Septic tanks remove wastewater and wastes from house. therefore, whenever they are clogged or whenever they are facing failure, there is a foul smell in the house. your house should not smell like sewage system itself. Getting professional help can make sure that your issue is resolved and does not repeat again.

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned that if you have a lot of people at your house, that you potentially need to pump the septic tank sooner. I had my brother and his family stay with us for a while, and we probably created a lot more wastewater in that time. I probably should talk to a septic tank cleaner so I can know when to pump it.

  2. Zoe Campos says:

    Thank you for telling me to watch out for any foul or weird-smelling odor that lingers around the house since they can be a sign that my septic tank needs to be pumped. My sister mentioned to me that she smelled something odd near the kitchen and our bathroom downstairs, but we didn’t pay much attention to it. I’ll follow your advice and get professional help to ensure that the issue will be solved.

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