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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Pet-Free House

You may be surprised to find that you have fleas in your pet-free house. After all, fleas are generally associated with cats and dogs, if you have no pets you may think that you’ll never have fleas.

Unfortunately, it is still a possibility. If you have a flea issue you may want to consider getting a pest control expert to assist. Fleas can multiply surprisingly quickly, it’s best to get a professional to get rid of them before they become an infestation.

How Fleas Get Into Your Home

Fleas are usually carried in by animals. However, it is also possible for a flea to attach itself to your clothing or a blanket if you were out, especially if you’ve had a picnic where lots of people and pets may have been present. The animals don’t need to be with you to leave their flea friends behind.

Once they’re at your home they’ll be attracted to rugs, carpets, and other soft furnishings. They can then lay their eggs and these can stay dormant for months unit he conditions are right for them to hatch.

That’s when you discover you have an issue. The most common sign is that the fleas will start to bite you, especially as you have no pets for them to nibble. Flea bites generally appear as small red marks on the lower part of your legs, fleas can jump exceptionally high in comparison to their size.

Getting Rid Of the Fleas

Your first port of call should be the local pest control firm as they will have the experience and chemicals needed to eliminate the fleas for good.

However, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure the flea problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Dish Soap

Fill a bowl with 2 parts water to 1 part dish soap and then place the bowl near where you see a lot of flea activity. You can then watch as the fleas jump into the water, attracted by the smell of the soap. Unfortunately for them, the soap acts as a glue, preventing them from being able to jump back out of the water.

  • Herbal Sprays

There are a number of herbal sprays available on the market which are effective against fleas. The good thing about this sprays is that they are natural, which means no side effects if you have children.

You can also make your own spray by mixing 4 parts water with 2parts vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and 3-5 drops of witch hazel. Put it into a spray bottle and shake well before squirting anywhere you think there are fleas. Bt, it’s a good idea to vacuum first.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is good for a multitude of things around the home. When using it to deal with fleas simply sprinkle it across your carpets and other areas where the fleas may be living. Give it 10 minutes to settle, which will suffocate the fleas. You can then vacuum the floor and remove the dead fleas and eggs. Just remember to empty your vacuum as soon as you’re done.

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