Types of Waste

Types of Waste You Shouldn’t Put in a Skip Bin

While Australians have one of the highest recycling rates in the world, there is still much left to be desired with how we sort rubbish at the local level. Whether you’ve hired a bin service or are letting the local rubbish disposal crew handle your waste, think twice before you throw any of these items in a skip bin.


Paint can cause a mess not just inside the skip bin, but also in the bin lorry and in the equipment used to process rubbish as well. Old paint also contains noxious fumes which can be potentially harmful to the crews handling them if they aren’t specifically equipped for it.

Flammable materials

Materials that can catch fire easily (including the previously mentioned paint) should be disposed of in specially designated facilities. These items can catch fire during transport, especially during hot weather, causing a potential danger to clean-up crews.


While you can get a skip bin hire service to handle most types of construction waste, asbestos should be disposed of in a special facility due to the extreme hazards that can come with inhaling asbestos dust. Rubbish collection crews are fully aware of the dangers of asbestos and will generally refuse to dispose of skip bins containing the material.

Motor oil

We’ve certainly come a long way from when it was common practice to dump used motor oil into the ground. Now there are special facilities that will take your used motor oil and other unwanted petroleum products. However, skip bins are not the place to dispose of these products. Not only are they fire hazards, but they can also cause a mess inside bins and sorting equipment and cause them to gum up. 

Gas containers

These are quite valuable to your local gas providers and gas bottle companies, who would be more than happy to take them off your hands or to refer you to a designated recycling centre. They should never be disposed of in skip bins, as there still may be residual gas or pressure that could be a danger to disposal crews and equipment.

Pet waste and diapers

Skip bin hire services will normally refuse to take away waste that can putrefy, including used cat litter and diapers as well as rotting food waste products. These are generally very difficult to recycle and should only be disposed of at specially designated facilities,


Most skip bin hire companies and local rubbish collection services will reject old tyres, as these are usually too tough and durable to be recycled at normal processing facilities. These have to be sent off to a specialised plant with equipment that can easily shred them and safely remove the steel components within.

Batteries and other e-waste

Batteries can explode during transportation as well as inside most processing equipment, making them hazardous for crews without special equipment and training to handle. These should be sent to an e-waste facility where they could be recycled and converted into new batteries and other items.

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