A Complete Checklist to Buy Best Drones For Kids in 2019
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A Complete Checklist to Buy Best Drones For Kids in 2019

Gone are the days of wooden horses and stuff toys, kids these days want real stuff that works. If you are looking for an exciting gift for your little one, perhaps buying a drone for the kid is your best bet.

My 10-year-old boy is always after me to buy him a real plane that can fly. So I would treat him to a toy drone this year and kill two birds with one stone.

You may ask, what two birds?

Well, children of this age are in a developmental phase, and their excellent motor skills are still developing. Hand and eye coordination, mathematical skills, engineering skills can be improved and polished by flying a drone and understanding its dynamics.

All that is fine, but safety is most important when children are concerned, which is why I thought to formulate this checklist for you if you are interested in buying drones for the kid but a bit hesitant too because of the safety issues.

No worries, we have got you covered here!

Safety comes first

We all want our children to enjoy and have fun but certainly not at the cost of their safety. Therefore, it is critical to go through the detailed guidelines and safety regulations set by the state before you let your child fly a drone. Involve your child in this activity and do research on the internet and learn together about the safety laws.

Quadcopters that are heavy are likely to cause more damage. Propeller guards are critical in drones for kids to help save the little fingers. With heavier quadcopters, the guards would help protect your furniture and TV if you are flying indoors.

Type of drones

Two main types of kids’ drones are racing drones and camera drones. You should opt for the kind of drone your child is more interested in. Is your little champ a creative soul and like taking pictures of stuff? Or does he want to make his drone fly faster and faster?

The camera drones usually are equipped with a built-in camera that allows your kid to capture pictures from above. On the other hand, the racing drones are meant to provide maximum speed without focusing on camera or other such features. You can install a camera on the racing drone as well, but that requires a higher skill set and is not suitable for children under 10.

Usually, children, this young, are more interested in making their drones fly faster than their friends, and that’s all they need. No need to buy a fancy drone or high-tech camera drone for it.

The ergonomics and sturdiness of the drone

We all have witnessed the amount of romping our kid’s toys are subjected to, which is why it is of utmost importance to ensure that the drone you buy can withstand all the man-handling. Buy a drone that is easy to maintain, and the parts are readily available if they break. Crashes often happen, and to lose a beloved drone to an accident can be devastating for your little flyer.

Apart from that, you need to consider the weight of the drone when buying a drone for kids. For children under 10, a 4oz Quadcopter is suitable. Remember, the bigger the drone, the more damage it can cause if it goes out of control. If you intend to fly drone outdoors, you can go slightly bigger.

Are multiple batteries worth it?

Multiple batteries are recommended if you want your child to have more extended playtime. Imagine your child just started having fun but have to stop playing because of the low battery? Having a spare battery, in this case, will not interrupt his playtime, and he can conveniently replace the low battery with a charged one.

Look out for a brand that doesn’t charge heavily for spare batteries, so if you need more batteries in the future, you can easily order them.

What features to look for?

One thing I come across while buying a drone for my kid was that the market is filled with different kinds and sizes of drones. Do not get distracted by them because no matter what shape or size, the essential feature is the ease of use. A practical and simple to operate drone is most suitable for a young kid.

The start button should be easy to locate. Another handy little feature is the “return to home” button that is especially useful in the case of kid’s drones. It will make sure that your child’s drone comes back to him safely without bumping into things and crashing. Drones that are equipped with an intuitive control system is designed to encourage children to learn more from the sport. So the learning and fun go hand in hand.

Having a waterproof quadcopter is indeed a plus. If you live in a coastal area, then perhaps investing in a waterproof drone is a wise step. Even if the drone crashes in the puddle, you can dry it off and make it fly again. A non-water proof drone is not resistant to water and may be damaged beyond repair.


If your child is just a beginner and it is their first drone, you don’t need to buy an expensive drone for them. Let them practice on the $20 quadcopter, and as soon as they upgrade their skills, you can buy them a high-quality drone.

Keep in mind that even if you buy a basic drone, it is always better to buy from a renowned brand that has positive reviews and excellent customer service.

Fly it high with your kids!

Flying drones is a healthy activity for kids, and the whole family can get involved in it. Children can learn and improve their motor skills and also explore their interests. It is far better than playing video games because it provides your child with hands-on experience that can benefit them in their future.

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