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Benefits of Fluoride Free Toothpaste Revealed

For decades, people believed that using toothpaste with fluoride is the only way to prevent tooth decay and other gum problems. But contrary to the popular notion, fluoride is not the only solution to fight against cavities and plaque buildup. Some experts also warned against too much exposure to this mineral. Because of this, some people look for fluoride free toothpaste as an alternative.

Not everyone has an idea how fluoride free toothpaste works. These people would still prefer conventional toothpaste over the emerging one. It is important to know why you must consider switching to this type of toothpaste to achieve better oral health.

Understanding the Function of Fluoride for Oral Health

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in the crust of the earth. It is present in the air, water, and soil.

Since 1901, experts from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research believe that fluoride helps make the teeth stronger. It also allows the teeth to fight against cavity-forming acids. Fluoride covers the tooth enamel to prevent plaque and other impurities from building up and weakening the teeth.

Why Avoid Using Fluoride?

Some experts believe that even if fluoride occurs in the environment, it does not mean that it is safe when ingested. The accumulation of fluoride ingestion over time can be poisonous, particularly in large quantities. It is why toothpaste containers usually indicate that you need to contact poison control if you accidentally ingest the product.

Children under the age f six must also avoid using fluoride toothpaste. If they swallowed this product, they might be at risk of developing fluorosis. It can impede the development of their tooth enamel. It may also cause the appearance of streaks and white spots on the teeth.

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Are Non-Fluoride Oral Health Products Effective?

The fluoride free toothpaste uses natural ingredients to clean the teeth. It includes xylitol, cranberry extract, and hydrated silica to get rid of plaque and prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Hydrated silica is derived from silicon dioxide. It is a mild abrasive that functions harmoniously with other active ingredients like calcium carbonate to eliminate plaque. It also provides a gel-like texture to the product and assists in stain removal.

Why Use Fluoride Free Toothpaste as an Adult?

Some adults choose to use fluoride free toothpaste because they are worried about the volume of fluoride they will be exposed to. Several countries like Australia implement water fluoridation programs, so adding other fluoride sources like toothpaste may be unappealing for them.

Also, exposure to fluoride levels higher than 20 milligrams per day may be unsafe for any individual. It may cause weakened ligaments and make the bones more porous. It can also cause muscle and nervous system problems.

Can You Use Fluoride Free Toothpaste?

Most dentists would still recommend using toothpaste with fluoride for better oral health. It is beneficial for preventing bacterial build-up and lessens the risk of cavities.

But if you want to avoid too much fluoride exposure, you can look for the fluoride free variety. It is also best if you have plenty of children in your household. It will prevent you from high exposure to this potentially dangerous mineral.

Taking care of one’s teeth is very important for overall health. So look for the right kind of toothpaste that will provide the best benefits for your pearly whites.

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