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Tips on How to Avoid Messy Child Custody Battles

Having to undergo the process of divorce is one of the most painful and stressful things that a currently married person can go through. The ordeal is emotionally difficult for all the parties involved. However, the pain may even be more severe for the kids, as they cannot comprehend why their parents decided to break-up. In extreme cases, the kids may feel as if they deserve a share of the blame for the recent events. The situation may become worse for them if the parents decide to make the kids part of their divorce battle. Child custody is one of the key battles known to make divorces messy.

Among the reasons that bring about child custody battles, the biggest one is that one of the parents is not willing to compromise their stance. The situation gets even more dire if both parents are unwilling to compromise. Therefore, in such situations, it is important for the couple’s lawyers to be present when the parents are making custody agreements. Their roles will be to advise the parents on where compromises make sense to achieve an agreement that meets the needs of the kids.

The thing you need to understand is that no matter you relationship to your former spouse, as a parent, you have an obligation to protect your child’s welfare. This is why this article provides some valuable tips on how parents can achieve favorable child custody agreements without having to go through the messy battles.

Hire a Reliable Family Law Attorney

A common misconception among most people is that hiring a lawyer will only complicate matters in child custody negotiations. What people fail to appreciate is the value of having professional advice while handling such matters. They will act as negotiation strategists and mediators, while advising their clients on when it is time to make compromises.

This will help you arrive at a rational agreement that is considerate of the child’s best interests. They also help in making the whole process official by following the laws set by your state. This means you will be able to have the court enforce any agreement you come to.

Avoid Court Custody Battles

The last thing you want when trying to achieve an amicable custody agreement is to involve the courts. There are two main reasons why you do not want a court presiding over your agreements. They include:

  • Its financially draining
  • It eliminates the whole aspect of privacy and confidentiality in the child custody process.

If possible, it is not in the child’s best interest to take the fight into the courtroom. There is even the risk of your child becoming embarrassed when they realize they are a subject of a heated battle in court. It will also affect them emotionally when they realize that their information is being released in a public courtroom. It is also not in your best interest. This is because it will take up all your time and you can’t ever ensure that the judge will rule in your favor.

Maintain Objectivity Throughout the Process

The thing you have to remember when approaching custody negotiations is that you have an obligation to protect the interests of the child. The fact that you are both parents of the child means that you should both be seeking to achieve what is best for the child. As such, you have to be objective and maintain an open heart during the negotiation process.

To sum it up, we have established that the divorce process can, at times, be messy. However, it is important that parents ensure it does not resort to fierce child custody wars. A good family lawyer can help you maintain objectivity and create a custody plan that benefits the child.


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