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The Rising Trend of Normalising Sex Dolls in Australia

Humans have an innate drive to seek sexual satisfaction. Conventionally they fulfil this need with a partner through masturbation and sexual fantasies. However, when these are not available or satisfactory, they seek out other modes for their fulfilment. In economically developed and industrialised countries, the advent of human technology has led to the development of objects and devices in recent years. Broadly these objects are available as sex toys and sex dolls in Australia. These provide sexual stimulation and enhance the sexual pleasure close to, if not more, than the actual act of having sex.

How are Sex Dolls Viewed?

There is a consensus that sex toys are more accepted by adults than sex dolls. However, in places worldwide, including Australia, there is an increasing trend of open-mindedness and acceptance when it comes to owning sex dolls to satisfy people’s sexual needs.

A survey conducted in 2020 shows that 22% of the people were willing to consider having a sex doll as their sexual partner. It is a 6% increase in men and 4% increase in women being more receptive to these dolls when compared to the survey results from a decade ago. A significant number of participants did not consider using sex dolls as cheating or succumbing to prostitution. Instead, many believe that it is a safer option and a more stimulating one than masturbation.

What Caused the Change?

One can attribute this open-mindedness and approval of sex dolls in Australia to the change in the mentality of people towards sexual desires. People are more encouraging about being authentic and expressing one’s kinks openly. People are also more comfortable interacting with robots due to the advancement and normalisation of AI like Alexa and Google assistant, leading to this change in perception. Therefore, it is a selling point that sex dolls produced in the current times are a considerable improvement of the old inflatable, gape-mouth figures considered sex dolls. The sex dolls available today have a highly realistic appearance and feel to them and are available in numerous forms to satisfy all kinds of fetishes and desires that people have.

Why Are Sex Dolls Gaining Popularity?  

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, people want the best and the most authentic experiences. Sex dolls provide a more satisfying and real experience than a video, game, or sex toy. It is especially true for people who are visual and kinaesthetically sensitive. The highly realistic appearance and the size of these dolls allow people to explore their sexual fantasies openly. It makes the people develop a strong sense of intimacy with their sex dolls. There have been instances where people have developed deep feelings for their sex dolls and have developed a companionship with them that has lasted for years. They provide room to explore and experiment.

Unlike having sex with actual people, there would be no pressure to look a certain way, perform one’s best, or feel judged when it comes to having sex with these dolls. People can explore new positions, moves, fantasies, and drives at any point in time they would like. Many people might have some wild fantasies which they might not want to express in the open for fear of being judged. Sex dolls provide an avenue for such people to release their wild kinks.

Hence, sex dolls in Australia provide the best long-term enhanced sexual experience for those looking for something as close to the real thing as possible. 

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