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Importance Of Understanding The Need For Erosion Control

There is no place on the face of planet earth that doesn’t get stricken by the problem of erosion control. Unfortunately, not many governments of the world have shown any seriousness in drafting legislation pertaining to the amount of erosion created by businesses.

Where does this problem stem from? To understand the root causes behind soil erosion, one has to look at the displacement of small particles of soil during mining and construction projects. Since these particles are not taken care of, they become mixed in the water systems that are generated as a result of rainfall or storms. From there, they then move into streams and rivers. Once this happens, this leads to the problem of soil erosion. A reliable erosion control company in Austin TX will serve to offer protection against this.

It is definitely a cause of great concern that numerous construction activities are directly responsible for the rapid depletion of vegetation cover from the sites. This leads to soil degradation, and speeds up the sedimentation process.

In order to be able to handle this situation, understanding it is imperative. If you are a contractor yourself or looking to become one, you should have a proper familiarity with how the process of erosion takes place. In case your erosion control procedures are not effective, you might end up worsening the problem.

Meaning Of Erosion

The more pressing question to be asked is what do we mean when we mention erosion? It should be understood that the term erosion is a reference to the detachment of soil, sediment or rock fragments. It is caused primarily because of water, wind, ice, or gravity.

Importance Of Controlling Erosion

The next question is why is home erosion control important? Why does one need it? The answer to this pressing question is to be found in the fact that the erosion control is highly significant for a range of construction activities. This might as well include removal of protective vegetation or ground cover, excavation, land filing, grading, or stock piling of different fill materials, and dewatering.

Controlling Erosion

It is the duty of every city and municipality to enact different ordinances so that the number of different pollutants, including the sediment, is reduced. This legal measure prevents these undesirable sediments from discharging into lakes, streams, and wetlands.


Since erosion is a real threat to the safety and security of the land, all the professional inspectors in town are highly likely to take this factor into account.

In case there are chances of erosion affecting public storm sewers, this will be taken very seriously by the professionals.

Adequate Actions To Take

Deforestation also causes soil erosion. There are measures you can take to reduce the chances of problems arising as a result of soil erosion on a site. Here they are

  • It is better to ascertain the presence or otherwise of public underground utilities. You should do it before starting the construction. Also, it is important to research on and find out about the private utilities might be crossing the site. Keep in mind that a digger’s hotline might not help you in spotting the private utilities.
  • Installing a perimeter silt fence might be a helpful thing to do. How to install it properly will be determined by the direction in which the water flows. However, the typical way involves trenching the slit fence into the ground. Its hardwood stains will be driven into the soil. Visit any typical lumberyard to buy slit fence’s materials. You will have to ensure that the soil around the slit fence is compacted.

Actions To Take

  • It is advised that you install a tracking pad at the entrance of the site. The benefit of such an entrance would show as it cleans the mud off tires of dump trucks, or all other vehicles visiting the site.
  • Keep in mind that the storm sewer inlets are fairly prone to runoff of soil and grave. They can eventually enter and disrupt the flow lines, leading to further complications. In a quality erosion control for home service, things such as filter fabric, straw bales, and fiber rolls are traditionally used to contain the erosion. They also offer great support and protection to storm sewer systems.
  • In order to effectively stabilize the ground after the construction has taken place, you can proceed to re-establish the vegetation. This will form an intense root structure in top soil which then minimizes erosion. At the time of finalizing the construction, you can use materials such as sod, seed, and straw mats.


A reliable erosion control company is fully aware of all the processes required to do the job. This work is mainly conducted through processes such as excavating, utility, sewer, and concrete. In order to make sure that you are not facing an immediate soil erosion threat, get the professionals to visit the site. They will be able to guide you in this regard.


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