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How To Stop Water Leakage From Tap

Water leaks from your tap can cause several damages to your home. It can waste water, destroy appliances, and promote unwanted organic growth like moss and mildew. But most pipework is invisible to the naked eye, unless you decide to break surfaces. Still, particular methods exist to help you stop water from leaking out of your tap.

Here are four of these techniques:

1. Prepare for the Task

Turning the valve as tight as possible might not help much in stopping a leaky faucet. If you want to tackle the task using Do-it-Yourself (DIY) methods, you need to prepare for the upcoming job.

First, make sure you have the necessary tools for the job. A few of the pieces of equipment that should be in your toolbox include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Tap lubricant
  • Cloth
  • Wrench or spanner
  • O-ring
  • Jumper valve

But make sure to turn off the mains before you start tinkering with the pipes. You don’t want accidental jets of water surging from your pipes if you make a mistake. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves while you’re trying to fix the tap to avoid complications because of slippery hands.

However, if at this point you don’t want to tackle this plumbing problem using DIY procedures, call professionals from the start. Expert plumbers can help you with your leaky tap, among other plumbing concerns.

2. Know the Type of Tap

Various tap models may need different repair and maintenance methods. Failure to consider the tap type might result in new issues.

Here are two types of taps you should know to tackle the leaky problem correctly:

  • Mixers

Mixer taps are available in different designs. But these models follow an industry-standard construction wherein two water outlets are attached to a single, central spout.

Fixing mixers need you to find which faucet has the drip. You can do this step by turning off the water supply from each tap. However, don’t do it simultaneously. Turn off the water supply from one outlet to see if it has the leaky problem. If not, do the same step for the other faucet.

  • Washerless models

These taps have ceramic discs or ball valves, and these elements aren’t your traditional components that seal underlying pipes. Washerless faucets may have mixer functions equipped with pivoting handles to help users control temperature and water flow.

If you have a washerless unit, start the repair by consulting the instruction manual. Here, you might find enough information on how to dismantle the different pieces. Replace the O-ring as this element tends to be the faulty item for washerless taps.

3. Apply Epoxy Putty

Before proceeding, it’s essential to note that applying epoxy putty on leaky taps or pipes is only a temporary fix. Call a plumber after using the material to avoid further complications.

With that said, start the temporary repair job by equipping yourself with latex or nitrile gloves. Epoxy putty may heat up while you’re applying it on the tap. The material may cause pain or slight burns when applied using your bare skin.

Next, rip a ball of the putty using your hands covered in gloves. The amount of the material needed may depend on the severity of the situation. Knead the two pieces together between your fingers. Don’t worry if the color changes as it’s part of the process. You can stop kneading when the putty turns into light gray color.

Wrap the material around the area with the leak. Mold it, so the putty wraps around correctly. Tape the edges to create a watertight seal.

Make sure to wait around 5 to 10 minutes before turning on the mains once again. Otherwise, the putty won’t harden in time, so you’ll have to go back to square one.

4. Call the Professionals

As previously mentioned, call professional plumbers from the start if you think the tap repair job is too much for you to handle. Don’t attempt to use any DIY methods if you don’t have the tools for, or expertise on the task at hand.

Contact reliable plumbers near you so the experts can reach your home quickly. Still, don’t forget to ask the right questions to know the credibility of the plumbing business and its employees.


Stopping a water leak from a tap may need more than trying to tighten pipes. Follow the tips mentioned above to help fix the problem as soon as possible. Don’t waste time letting your leaky faucet use up more water. Otherwise, you might be looking at a big water bill.

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