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5 Amazing Home Decor Ideas During The Holiday!

Do you end up tearing your hair out of not being able to decorate your small space?

We understand your pain! And, when the holiday month is around the corner, the situation can become even more crotchety.

Instead of enjoying good quality time with your family and friends, you end up scrolling down ideas on how to fix everything in place, even in limited space. Imagine your holiday without those delicious baked cookies, hot drinks, classic holiday movies, and snow ice cream! Wrecked?

Relax! Small space doesn’t mean you ditch the seasonal cheer. You just need to be creative and incorporate unique ideas. We have you covered with five awesome holiday décor ideas, so, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started:

Set the Mood with Candles and String Lights

Candles and string lights are great lighting options for smaller areas, unlike those overwhelming, oversized floor lamps and big overhead lights. The small footprint of candles can instantly bring a festive touch without forfeiting legroom.

Create a holiday chandelier by hanging string lights over a table or a wooden unit. Using them in the form of varying lengths will not only lighten up your small space, but also shows your creativity that is worth inspiring. Make sure to use warm-toned lights instead of fluorescent bulbs to add a warm cozy vibe.

The Throw Cushions

Pillows are one of the most versatile pieces if you want to decorate your small space at low-cost. Merry up your room couch by swapping up your standard pillows with in-season pillows. This will instantly bring the holiday vibe within a minute’s work.

Out-of-season cushions can easily be stored inside a closet and reused once the holiday season is over. Moreover, if you are looking for a whole new makeover in your living room, check out furniture rentals and choose the color and design to change the entire theme.

Place Aromatic Accents on the Tabletop

Your home’s aroma is just as precious as your tablescape! Filling a small wooden or a glass bowl with potpourri or oranges stuck with cloves will act as the background music of aromatic flavors. You can also make a DIY wreath with grapevines and handpicked accents like small ornaments and brightly colored ribbon.

If you are a sports fan, you can make a wreath in your favorite team colors. Or, keep it simple with red and green ribbons. Or, make a pom-pom wreath. The ideas are countless!

Have a Miniature Christmas tree

While it’s mesmerizing to have a biggish evergreen decorated with tons of ornaments, a minimally-decorated small Christmas tree won’t cramp your living room.

Adorn your small Christmas decorations with a tree with mini garlands, your favorite ornaments, and a cute little star on the top. Add a little fun by putting wrapped gift boxes around its base.

Accentuate the Railings

Even if you have a few feet long stair railing, it is a prime spot to showcase your holiday garland without taking surface areas. If it’s a Halloween or Thanksgiving, this can have pumpkins, leaves, or gourds, and for the winter holidays, you can use ribbons, tinsel, and evergreen branches.

You can layer your flower garland with different colors and do the same on the inner stair railing or balcony railings. This will add a perfect “Christmas-y” vibe with little effort and creativity.


Holiday décor in a small space is often a hassle, but with these smart solutions, you can bring the holiday vibe even in the tiniest corners with no clutter, but festive!

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