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Top 5 Life Moments that definitely need congratulation flowers!

Moments in our lives are the building blocks of our memory book. Throughout our whole life, we collect moments like pebbles from the seashore that attaches memories to our ‘Pandora’s box’. Each and every moment has different essence attached to them, some are of achievements, some are of love, of happiness and some are even of pain and loss. Still, we all love to collect them and keep them close to our hearts. Like many other things in our life, we do rank our moments of bliss as well. Now, the ranking of the moments varies according to the priority people attach with those moments. And each of these moments becomes more remarkable with people sending their best wishes. The best way to convey such feelings is by sending congratulation flowers.

Here are the top 5 life moments that become more remembering with the congratulation flowers.

1) Engagement

Engagement is one of the most astonishing moments of time. This is the stepping stone of a new journey in life. Two people start their path of life with this exchange of material things. It might be an exchange of rings, but with that ring follows a wave of feelings exchange. The love, the vow, the adjustment, the sharing of the path- everything begins in a couple’s life with this process of engagement. SO, it needs to be congratulated with the heartiest best wishes. All the well-wishers of the engaged couple showers their congratulation messages with best flowers for congratulations.

2) Birthday

Among the different magic moments of life, one that comes every year is the birthdays. On this day, one thing that increases is the age. But age is just a number. What counts is the blessing, happiness, wishes, and gifts that one receives on one’s birthday. Usually, people give birthday gifts on birthdays, but that is also a different specification of congratulating people. For wishing your beloved happiest birthday, you can buy flowers from congratulations. He/she will love the blessings and the people who take out time from their busy life to congratulate them.

3) Retiring

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Life is a moving journey that no matter what keeps on moving. As we start our work life, at one point in time, we reach the end as well. And that is when you retire from your ‘dream job’ or just the job. It is also a very emotional point of your life when from the next day you’ll not follow the same routine you used to follow for more than 3 decades. It’s painful, but it will overwhelm you when you will find so many people around the world show you so much love and support. For wishing someone on their retirement, it is best to consult the best florist from flower delivery sites to pick the perfect congratulations flowers.

4) Dream Job

In our life, we all have the concept of having everything in the ‘dream form’. Life ‘dream home’, ‘dream date’, and ‘dream lover’, we do have own versions of ‘dream job’s. And finally, our dreams come true when we crack the interview for the job. And there follow the congratulation messages from every corner of your room. From friends to relatives to colleagues- everyone sends their best wishes with congratulation bouquets. It is one such colorful moment of your time which you keep safe in your heart forever in your life.

5) Marriage

This is an occasion that indicates the beginning of a new life within one lifetime. Social recognition of the sharing journey of two interconnected soul-mates is what is denoted by marriage. And it is indeed a very happy occasion. It is of celebration, of a party, of sharing blessings and congratulating the ‘newly-wed’ couple. Your friends, your relatives- everyone will share their blessing for your journey to life with congratulating gifts. If your closest one is getting hitched and you are unable to attend, do not forget to wish them. To congratulate them, you can send flowers to Brazil or any other part of the world where your beloved lives.

Flowers are the best way of conveying your good wish and congratulation to the beloved ones. Above are the best flower gift ideas to celebrate the top 5 moments of life.

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