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10 Useful DIY Tips for Hardwood Floor Polishing

Maintaining hardwood floors is mandatory otherwise they tend to lose their lustre. Undoubtedly hardwood floors give a better outlook to the entire room and they look more classy and graceful but only if they are maintained right. They need to be cleaned and polished regularly in order to stay shiny and look as good as new.

Not everyone is able to afford hiring a service for the maintenance of the floor and not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on it either. The easier way out is to clean and polish the floor on your own. That is more convenient and budget friendly as well. Here are a few floor care tips to help you clean on your own.

  1. Wipe Up Spills

Promptly wipe up any wet spills as they happen to avoid watermarks. As soon as you figure out that something has been spilled on the floor, make sure you have it wiped immediately. The longer it stays there, the more damage it will cause and leave a mark. Therefore, it is best if you have the floor cleaned instantly.

  1. Evacuate Dirt Daily

Scope, vacuum or residue mop every day to expel dirt that can cause scratches and wear out the completion of the floor. Remember to look under area carpets that can trap coarseness that will scratch floors. Mopping the floor with a mop or vacuuming it on daily basis is mandatory. This way, any harmful dirt lying around that can be a potential cause of scratches or damage is removed. Having it cleaned on a daily basis ensures there is no such thing on the floor and it is all spotless.

  1. Moist Mop When the Seasons Change

Except if you have disregarded the floors for quite a long time and have mud and sticky wreckage heaps all over the place, there is no compelling reason to soggy mop multiple times each year.

With a gently hosed microfiber mop, clean toward the wood grain. Never utilize a sopping-wet mop in light of the fact that an excessive amount of water can cause even fixed floors to clasp. On the off chance that you believe you should utilize a business cleaner, pick one with a shower utensil. Only a substantial fog of around one-half teaspoon of cleaner per two square feet of flooring is sufficient for cleaning.

  1. Buff Dry

Catch up with a totally dry microfiber mop to anticipate streaking. In order to avoid any marks left on the floor, it is better if you use a soft microfiber mop. It will softly clean out the area without harming the floor in any possible way. It also cleans more effectively than a regular mop.

  1. Dry off Water after Mopping

To be on the safer side, it is best if you dry off the water left on the floor after mopping. First of all be sure to wring the mop well before beginning mopping. Once you are done. Take a dry cloth and have the leftover water wiped. This way there will be no chances of someone slipping and falling, attracting more dirt and leaving any water marks on the floor.

  1. Use Floor Cleaners Prepared at Home

Using a floor cleaner to mop is very common. However, there are certain cleaners in the market that can damage your floors in areas applied. They may have a more acidic nature. If you prepare the cleaner at home, it is best if you add the right amounts of ingredients and have it prepared yourself. This way you will be aware of what you made and how much of it is required to apply in which areas. This will make cleaning for you more convenient and keep your floor shining.

  1. Purchase the Right Polish

Always use water-based polish on the floors with a polyurethane finesse. For other finishes, use a wax-based polish. In order to avoid any toxic chemical and its reaction to the wooden floor, use a polish which is free of volatile organic compounds. The right choice of polish according to the floor is very important.

  1. Follow Instructions

Make sure you read the label and follow the instructions given carefully especially the safety guidelines. This will help you avoid any sort of damage.

  1. Apply Polish and Allow it to Dry

Apply the polish after you have tested it by applying it to a small area of the floor. If it suits your floor, apply it with a cloth or spray it on the desired areas. Make sure you give it enough time to settle on the floor and dry out before you commence with wiping of it.

After you have cleaned the polish, wait for a few hours to let it dry completely before walking on it with shoes and socks. In case you own a pet, keep it away from the polished floor as well. Also, keep your furniture out. The furniture can wait to move back. Give the polish a good 24 hours before starting to use the room again.Hardwood Flooring in Charlotte NC share tips on how to apply polish. Try following them.

  1. Application of Polish

You need to apply polish to the desire areas and in layers. Make sure you apply at least two to three layers of polish. While you are applying, always apply polish from the inner corner towards the outer. However, if you think all of this is too much to remember and do, you can always opt for a professional. They are well aware and trained for all of it. It is advisable that if you can, try doing it on your own because that way you know what you are up to. If you are of the view that the task is too much to handle, it is always more convenient to have a professional on board.

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