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Do Not Ignore these Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

We have witnessed with the Frightful changes in the technology and with the emerge of new trends, each year, marketer must be aware advancement in the technology if you want to stay ahead in the online business.

Mobile phones are now getting converted to smartphones, our entire digital media is changing from time to time. Our marketing trend today not just affixed to old traditional marketing, but vastly moved into digital media. From promoting product, services on social media to relay chat. It moved to more advanced digital platforms.

If you are digital marketing get go with the combination of creative strategy along with the advance technology to achieve rapid growth for you and your organization. Do not ignore the below killer tips provided by digital marketing company Noida.

1. Voice Search – The New Trend

Voice Search - The New Trend

According to Comscore 50% of search query will witness the voice search. With the improvement of voice recognition devices, voice search become more and more popular. It is far easier than typing queries, people can talk faster than they type and it also comes in handy when you are walking or driving.

Voice search is important and play vital role in providing relevant information people searching through audio content.

For Businesses to reach out their potential customer they must make an effort to make natural language SEO content solely focus on the long tail keyword keeping your audience query in mind.

2. Chatbots


Chatbots play huge role in customer support, 55% of the end user cull as major mean of communication to resolve their query.Without doing much effort they are helpful in real time assistance to the user landing on the website.

Another latest rise in the marketing is WhatsApp business marketing. As we all know WhatsApp is one of the most used chat app in the world, it is not only limited to personal use. The marketer can use this app on a daily basis for multiple business promotion methods.

3. Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual Reality Marketing

It allows business owners to place their products closer to the customer. Users are becoming more and more enlightened to the product businesses to offer. It gives a personalized and reality look of the product online.

VR can be used in paid ad campaign to create brand awareness. Make sure if you are implementing virtual reality marketing for your business, your message must be clear to increase the customer interest.

4. Live Streaming Video

Last 3 years there increases in live streaming video on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It takes less time and content of the video stream have more potential to reach a huge audience in a real time. It allows you to connect and engage with your followers in the quickest way possible and time to time, creating your strong and stable presence.

5. Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing

It is a type of marketing that allows you to market your product or service via influencer on the social media. These influencers have huge followers and can drive a positive and impactful message in front of your potential customers. Make sure to reach only those influencers who have a strong reach on your niche.

6. Browser Push Up Marketing

Browser Push Up Marketing

It allows real time message in front of the customer and they are clickable message that appear directly on the browser.

7. Social Commerce

Social Commerce

Social platforms now these days allow business owners to sell their product/services on their social pages. These platforms do not force users to buy the products, but help them to take actions according to their need.

8. User generated Content

User generated Content

Content generated by the customer or people for the product is termed as user generated content. It plays a huge role in customer decision making in buying the product or services offered by the business organizations. According to study 90% of the customer trust of the organic user generated content rather than believing in the traditional marketing. It proves strong message to promote your brand and its strong message.


The future of digital marketing trend is evolving with the rise of new technology. Technology allows brand to analyse the customer data and the way to interact with the audience. Always be ahead with the conversational content specially video and audio content that has a direct impact on audience conversion and retention.

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