11 Packing Tips for Your Next Hassle-Free Move

11 Packing Tips for Your Next Hassle-Free Move

You have to move from one home to another at some point in your life. It is hard work and is often so tiring that people procrastinate about it. If you have not properly planned your move you are going to suffer a lot.

Leaving behind all of your familiar worlds and moving to an entirely new area is exhausting at the emotional level. It is normal to forget important things in the chaos. Packing the stuff is the most essential step of the move.

You cannot afford mistakes while packing unless you want to see a mess in your new home. Hire professionals from the best moving company in Lake Norman NC to make things easier for yourselves. Following tips are helpful packing tips for your next hassle-free move.

1.     Get Started Well Ahead

As soon as you plan to move, start packing. It often happens that we procrastinate about the amount of work and delay it due to the fear. This is going to worsen things rather than making it easier. Start well ahead and you will be left with little work at the end.  If you’re planning to transfer some of the stuff using your truck, you may check about using the best roll on bedliner for your truck.

Start with the items you need the least. It is important to discard all the unnecessary stuff at this stage. Donate or sell the items which are in good shape. If you have to move at very short notice, hire next day movers for safe and secure transit.

2.     Work in Chunks

Divide the home into workable areas. Start packing from the least used room. Starting ahead gives you a lot of time to complete the task in manageable chunks. It is easy to sort out items from one room, label it and then start working on the next area.

You can also hire a packing service if you find this too overwhelming for yourself.

3.     Label Carefully

When you are moving, labels are your best friends. You need to give due respect to these little friends. Label the box with the items in it. It is advisable to mention the room where the box would be going.

Better give numbers to the boxes. Use colored tapes for categorizing the boxes for certain area of your home. Invest your efforts and you will be thanking yourselves later.

4.     Cosmetic Packing Tip

Cosmetics are quite fragile and too expensive to be mishandled. You can use cotton pads to reduce the impact of moving. Place cotton pads in the compact powders and eyeshadow kits. If you are too concerned about cosmetics just like me, look for handy cosmetic organizers. You will find one for quite a reasonable price.

5.     Vacuum Seal Your Clothing

Packing clothes is an easy task but it gets overwhelming when the clothes take too much space. You can manage the clothes wrapping by using vacuum seal. It is easily available online and comes at rather an affordable price. You will save a lot of space by using the vacuum seal.

This tip comes in handy for packing out of season clothes. You can keep them in the seal even after you have settled in the new house. The seal will prevent it against dirt and pests till the next season.

6.     Toiletries Must Be Wrapped

It is a mess when lotions and soaps leak out of the bottles during the move. You should wrap all of the toiletries you are intending to pack in a box. Saran wrap is a great choice. Uncap the bottles, wrap them and then recap them for safe transit.

7.     Use Garbage Bags for Clothes Packing

Closets are easy to manage with garbage bags. You do not have to put the clothes off the hangers. Cover enough hanging clothes with a garbage bag and tie the knots. Roll it over so that it takes less space. If you need better protection, use heavy-duty black garbage bags instead of regular clear ones.

8.     Take Pictures before Moving Electronics

Moving electronics is a tricky thing. It is helpful to take a picture before you move the equipment. Pack the cables, nuts and bolts in sandwich bags, label it and keep it in a separate box.

9.     Safety Tip for Kitchenware

Knives and other hazardous material from kitchenware can be kept in an oven glove. It is safe for the moving helpers and you as well.

10.  Pack Your Essentials ina Separate Bag

You will be dead tired the day you will move. It is good to pack a bag of essentials for that day so that you don’t need to unpack the stuff the very same day.

11.  What Not To Pack?

You should not pack plants, food, cash, valuables or any hazardous chemicals to be taken by moving labor.  Professional movers do not provide relocation services for such items.

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