Great Idea For Constructing Small House

Having an own house is a dream of many. We all want to have our own house but sometimes the cost of construction is a big question that made us wait for fulfilling our dream. But have you know that there are many tricks and simple ways, adopting which you can construct a safe house in a very low budget. Constructing houses is also beneficial than buying a flat in an apartment. If you construct your own house, you can customize it accordingly. This way even in a small space, you can make things easier as per your convenience. In this article, we are sharing some knowledge-facts and ideas for constructing small houses. These ideas are also helpful for couples who wanted to live separately in a lesser budget. Also you can renovate your old house to a new one.

Houses Made up of Mud Bricks

Yes, it is possible to construct houses made up of mud bricks. Mud bricks are made up of clay and straw blend with water. The mixture is then dried into the sunlight. These Mud bricks can be constructed easily by anyone which saves the cost of costly bricks of your home. You just need to get other materials and get your dream house constructed.

Concrete Houses

The building of a concrete house is not a big deal. Anyone can try making a small house made up of concrete materials. Roofs can be made of wood or metal. These kind of houses are simple, looks good, and environment-friendly. If you want, you can also save the cost of polishing the concrete. Unpolished concrete houses give an elegant look to it.

Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated houses contain different modules which can easily be assembled and disassembled with. These type of houses are expandable by simply attaching an extra module. Assembling the houses are easy and they can even be taken anywhere. This means prefabricated houses are portable in nature. The foundation of the house is very stable and strong.

Houses Build With Local Materials

People living somewhere near the quarry, you can collect many stones from the nearby area. For building walls, these stones are best. The local craftsman may prove very helpful in collecting and setting these stones. In these types of houses, the roof is generally made up of round wooden logs which look cool and stylish. These stones can be cemented from the inner side of the walls.

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses look awesome. Although they are not so durable, they are good for saving cost and building small houses. Wooden houses are suitable for all types of temperature. These days even waterproof plywood is available that won't rust in watery areas. Plus, you can also adjust the space according to you.

Combination of Wood & Cement Blocks

Cement blocks are less costly because they are readymade. You don’t have to hire labor and put other efforts. Small houses can be built with a combination of wood and cement blocks in the easiest way. Ready to use cement blocks are easy to assemble without having the need to learn expert level things. You can even do it yourself. These types of houses are easily built into 200 sq ft area.


In most of the western countries, these days the trend of small houses is in. Constructing and maintaining houses are not easy. Cost is the major factor for owning a house. In such a complex situation, the above-given ideas will help you to build a super classy small house in a very pocket-friendly cost. Small houses are very useful. You don’t have to maintain a lot, spend time on cleaning and utilizing the space the way you want.

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