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Renovate Your Entire House Without Spending Much With These Tips

With the real estate prices soaring and no signs of slowing down, you may be better off renovating your old house than purchasing or building a new one. Renovating can instantly transform the whole character of your house.

You will need to plan the entire process that you wish to undertake at your house. Even though the cost of renovating a house is comparatively low, renovation is sure to leave your wallet lighter dramatically.

In this article, we will show you how you can remodel your house without making a hole in your wallet.

How To Renovate Your House On A Budget?

1. Cleaning The House

Before proceeding with any renovation work, you must clean up your home and remove all furniture and appliances. Relocating all the items in your house or the room you want to renovate will allow you to clean quickly and also get an idea of how you want to remodel.

Cleaning The House

Disposing of any unnecessary items will free up valuable space and make your rooms look spacious without spending anything. Rearranging furniture to different places in the room or to another room will give the room a fresh appearance.

Using mirrors is an excellent way to enhance the sense of the size of the room if you have narrow or small rooms. The visual technique is relatively inexpensive and owes its existence to renowned architect Sir John Soane.

2. Budgeting And Research

Economically renovating your house needs plenty of planning to keep the renovation costs within your budget. Researching for a particular piece of furniture or appliance that you need can help you find cheaper alternatives that work just as well or even better at a lower cost.

Thrift stores and second-hand furniture shops can aid in finding a rare piece that you want to place in your home at bargain prices. You may also consider painting your existing furniture or your walls and adding decorations to brighten your home.

3. Creating Natural Light

Natural light can easily reduce your electricity bills as well as give a better appearance to your interiors. You also need to shift any furniture or installations blocking your windows to permit light and fresh air to enter.

Creating Natural Light

Remodeling your house allows you to upsize your windows to let more sunlight into your rooms. If you do not want to change your windows, you can consider painting them in a lighter shade than the rest of the room to let in maximum sunlight.

Installing a skylight is another way to permit natural sunlight to illuminate the house if the design permits. A cheaper alternative would be to use light tubes that transmit sunlight from the roof of your house to the living room.

4. Wall Art

Having a gallery wall or wall art can alter the dynamics of your room. If you do not want to drill holes in your wall, you can choose to use cardboard pieces cut to the same specifications of your art piece.

Wall Art

You can stick the cardboard piece along with the artwork on the wall with the aid of adhesives. Wall art is an excellent focal point for any room and you can curate the artwork to reflect your interests and creativity, making it genuinely unique.

5. Repainting Your House

Painting has a significant effect on the way light brightens the room. You may want to try a different color or experiment with different palettes to alter the look of the house. Rendering is one of the best techniques for improving the bearing of paint on brick walls cheaply.

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You can also paint by yourself or along with your friends or family if you are repainting the whole house. It can be a fun and bonding activity with your dear ones while also painting the walls of the house, and it only requires a minimum skill level.

Repainting Your House

The outside paint is also equally important as the interior. It serves to protect your house from enduring the weather conditions and forming the first impression on visitors. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to stick to a black and white color palette to paint your house.

6. Do Your Demolishing

Demolishing is one of the less costly activities of renovation. However, you can ultimately save on demolition work if you demolish by yourself. Demolishing requires only the physical strength of a healthy individual, and it does not require much skill.

Do Your Demolishing

You will need to wear protective wear to protect yourselves from injury while demolishing. Tight spaces in the interior that requires delicate work will still require a professional to help.

Money-Saving Tips For Renovation

1. Make It A DIY Project

There are several aspects of renovation work that you may be able to do yourselves. Hire professional help to assist with only those tasks that do not fall in your skillset. Skipping hiring workers for various tasks can substantially bring down your renovation cost.

Make It A DIY Project

2. Use Second Hand Materials

Reusing materials and procuring furniture and materials made from second-hand material can add an artistic touch to your interiors. Moreover, they also cost less than brand new materials.

3. Use Your Creativity

You can add flair to your house by putting your creativity to work while saving a good deal of money. Besides, you can make the aesthetics of the house genuinely unique by using original ideas while renovating.

Use Your Creativity

You can save the cost of installing extra power outlets by using a 20 amp power strip. Using a power strip enables you to reduce the charges of installing a new power outlet drastically.

4. Plan Ahead Before Renovating

You can avoid most of the expenses due to last-minute purchases by planning carefully ahead of starting renovation works. You can also avail loans if you are short of capital at attractive interest rates.


If you are planning on purchasing a home, you may get one that needs renovation work at bargain prices. If you are hiring an architect, you need to discuss what you expect to change in your house by renovation. You can do the restorations by yourself if you have the necessary skills, and have an eye for creativity and resourcefulness.

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