IVF: A wonderful solution for miscarriage

Getting pregnant is a blessing for every couple. Moreover giving birth to a child is what makes a woman complete. Becoming a mother is the greatest gift that any woman can enjoy on Earth and nothing can be as superior as this one. A good number of women are seen to give birth to twins and triplets. There have been even reports of a woman having given birth to 8 children at a time! But unfortunately some couples are not able to conceive a baby even after a long time after marriage and this number is only seen to be increasing with time. It is a wrong conception in the male-dominated society that the problem lies only with the woman. The problem for not conceiving might also be because of the man not having the right quality sperms or having issues with his reproductive organs. Such couples can take respite by contacting the best infertility specialist in India and get to know their available options so that they can also become a parent of a beautiful child that they can call their own. 

Miscarriage related issues

Few women are found to suffer from miscarriage especially during their initial trimester. However, some are noticed to suffer even during the later stages, making it tough to conceive a child. Studies conducted by the industry experts have revealed that the expectant mothers who tend to miscarry during initial IVF cycle will still be able to enjoy pregnancy. They are to be provided with advanced treatments so that they are in a position to carry their child through the 2nd or 3rd cycle of IVF (Invitro Fertilization).

Data and reports gathered on several women showed clearly that miscarriages were more common among women during the initial IVF cycle. Almost 40% of such women, when provided with advancement treatment, were able to expect childbirth. 30% chances were present for those not in a position to conceive during the first IVF cycle. 

Some facts associated with IVF with regards to Miscarriage

Miscarriage if experienced makes many couples to lose their hope of conceiving a baby in the future. Fortunately, advancements made in medical science and technology has helped introduced the IVF technique, considered to be an amazing procedure that does such women to bear a child. According to sources, women having undergone after the initial IVF cycle, two more cycles were able to conceive a child. Few assurances offered in the study tend to reveal the following:

  • Even after the initial IVF cycle, 62% of women did not experience pregnancy.
  • After an initial IVF cycle, miscarriages were experienced by almost 22% of women. 
  • Some reports claimed that millions of children are born globally with the help of IVF treatment. 
  • Some women on the onset of thirty years of age reported being infertile. 

What is emphasized by the Top Fertility Specialist in India?

The leading IVF specialists who treat couples for infertility issues and women for miscarriages problems are said to have placed emphasis on specific things like:

  • PGD Implementation: To achieve success during the initial IVF cycle, specialists have introduced Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. It helps to avoid miscarriages as well as helps to achieve success right from the IVF cycle’s initial stage. Doctors with the help of PGD are able to determine the embryo’s genetic code, which in turn assist to decide if the specific embryo is of low or high quality. 
  • Embryo quality: According to reports, while deriving IVF treatment, there is a genuine need to take into consideration the embryo quality. It does help to promote pregnancy during the IVF’s initial cycle and also avoids miscarriages. 

It can be stated very clearly that IVF procedures are amazing and a blessing for those women who would like to get pregnant and become mothers. Women who had previously experienced miscarriage can find it the best solution to conceive a baby. They can now avail improved treatments and techniques, thus helping them to be in better mind-frame and to plan the road ahead to become a mother of a healthy baby. The reputed and well-established fertility centers do support the advanced IVF techniques and are guided by the well experienced and knowledgeable doctors who are specialists in the domain.

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