Is it Illegal to Download Movies from PubFilm?

PubFilm was introduced in October 2014 and gained popularity very soon. Within a single year, pub film achieved eight million views per week.

However, the face of the court rulings intended to close all the pirated sites as downloading any copyrighted content is technically illegal. But PubFilm managed itself to beat the court ruling. It used different 6 domain names at one time to avoid the service shutting down completely.

Why is it illegal to download movies?

Whenever a song or movie is produced, everyone connected with it receives monetary gains from the concerned process. Hence, the product is protected by copyright so that it can’t be copied. So if you are downloading a movie or a song, then it is an illegal activity you are doing. Distributing a copyright file electronically or non-electronically without the permission of the authorized holder.

Who’s watching these activities?

Two groups who police these matters are the Recording Industry Association (RIA), and another one is the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). These two groups are responsible for monitoring illegal pub film downloads.

Consequences you can face when downloading PubFilm?

Legal actions against you:

If you download pub film or any files without proper permission from the copyright holder. According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the illegal distribution of copyright is punishable by the law.

You can face the following consequences

  • You can be fined or charged up to $150,000 per copyrighted file.
  • Up to five years of jail.
  • If the copyright holder files a case against you, then that can result in legal fees and damages must be paid.
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Viruses & spyware:

Illegally download from PubFilm or sites like pubfilm causes your computer to be virus affected. Most of the illegal download is done through peer to peer software. So you have no idea where you are downloading the videos from, and it may be affected by viruses and spyware as well. Infected videos or files can cause

  • Excessive popup messages.
  • Undesired loss of files or data.
  • Identity theft is also possible.
  • Decrease the internet downloading speed.

Closure of PubFilm in March 2017:

By 2017 PubFilm bought the attention of the studios. They sought an injunction on the site at the end of March. Many of the domains are seized by MPAA to prevent the distribution of movies online. But pub films were still making ads through Google ad sense and back to its level of popularity within a few months.

Recent facts about PubFilm:

In January 2018 MPAA fined PubFilm around $19.8 million, but of course, the people behind PubFilm are still present somewhere. The owner of the PubFilm had not responded in any of the allegations and also had not taken any part in the litigation.

But now in April 2018, PubFilm is still found on the web while Google itself blocks most of the pirated sites. However, PubFilm cannot make market through Google AD sense, but they are continuously sharing URL links with the people through Facebook or other social media.

Many users are using the links given on the Facebook page. However, some of them are reporting that the links are nothing but an infected virus or spyware. But many of them are also giving an outstanding review for those links and PubFilm as well.

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So it will take more time to prevent illegal downloading from PubFilm and protecting creative content and reducing piracy as well.

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