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3 Tips For Making Your Home More Suited For The Elderly

In our modern society, many people are living to years beyond what many thought possible in times before now. But thanks to modern medicine and all the technological advances, people can live well into their 80s, 90s, and even their 100s.

And while this can be a blessing, it can also be very hard on your body and your mind. Because of this, many elderly people find that they simply can’t live on their own anymore.

If this is the case for someone you love, one great option is to welcome them into your home and take care of one another. So to help ensure that you’re able to safely do this, here are three tips for making your home more suited for the elderly. A clean and tidy home is good for their living.

Make All Walking Surfaces Safe

One of the biggest hazards for the elderly is tripping and falling. As a result of this, it’s very important that the walking surfaces in your home are such that they reduce the chances of an accident taking place.

To help you with this, Shayne Fitz-Coy, a contributor to, recommends that you do things like leveling out any uneven surface, widening walkways, and installing non-slip flooring. Even the smallest little rise in a walking surface can be a recipe for disaster, so make sure you’re vigilant about this. 

Make The Bathroom Easy To Use

Even the most basic of tasks can get challenging when you reach a certain age. This is especially true when visiting the bathroom, as the fact that you’re raising and lowering your body in addition to slippery surfaces that get even more slippery when they’re wet now come into play.

To protect your loved one when in the bathroom, suggests making adjustments like allowing for sitting in the shower, elevating the toilet seat, and installing bars in key areas for support and leverage. With these changes, you’ll be able to make the bathroom much easier to use than it otherwise might have been. 

Add More Lighting

As you age, different parts of your body aren’t going to work the way they used to. For many people, one of the first senses that they notice aging is their eyesight.

To combat this, AARP recommends surveying the amount and quality of the light sources currently in your home. If you don’t have enough lights, the lights aren’t particularly bright, or the switches are placed in hard-to-reach areas, you might want to consider making some adjustments for the safety and convenience of your loved one. 

Bringing an elderly loved one into your home means a lot of changes for all involved, including the function and layout of your home. To help you successfully make these adjustments, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above.

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