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6 Clever Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cleaning the house is never fun, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Because this is the room that food is prepared in, more often than not you have to scrub hard. This can be fun and challenging and even fun the first couple of times but after that, it becomes droning and tedious to the point that you are willing to give up maintaining satisfactory cleanliness levels. However, if you decide to clean in a smart rather than in a meticulous way, you can turn things around. The following 6 ideas will help you keep your kitchen clean in a clever and innovative way.

The Top of the Fridge

Apart from getting more streamlined, modern refrigerators seem to be growing in height. Manufacturers are probably thinking that we won’t miss vertical space but they have failed to account the cleaning procedures in their new design. How on Earth can you reach that high to wipe off the dust! And it’s not only dust that is causing a problem. Because of all the steam inside the kitchen, food leftovers become airborne and end up on the top of your fridge.

A simple hack will help you combat this problematic surface. Take some plastic wrap and apply a thin across the top of the fridge. Since it’s not in plain sight, it won’t ruin the décor of your kitchen and it will speed up the cleaning as all you need to do is remove the wrap one it gets dirty.

Vodka, Anyone?

If you play your cards right, cleaning can be a fun activity. Did you know that vodka is the ideal home cleaner for stainless steel surfaces? The astringent taste apparently does wonder for the cleanliness of most of the metallic parts of your kitchen. All you need to do is pour some on a clean cloth or a paper towel and wipe the desired areas, like knobs and handles of kitchen cabinets and drawers. Just don’t be tempted to drink too much after the cleaning process is over.

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A Universal Homemade Cleaner

Now, if you are eco-aware and wish to clean your kitchen and help protect the environment, then a homemade cleaner is the right way to go. Using chemicals is detrimental to nature because all the harmful compounds these cleaners are made from end up inside the ground in your backyard. Furthermore, they cost money, which is not the case with a homemade cleaner.

All you need is orange or lemon peel and vinegar or baking soda. Mix the peel with either of the latter substances in order to create the best universal kitchen cleaner. The solution you get will be very potent, yet mild enough to be used on nearly every surface. In fact, fragrant baking soda is so convenient that you will start using it in other rooms of the house, like in the bathroom.

Regular Clean-Ups

You never stop eating and preparing food, right? Well, this means that the cleaning process never ceases as well. The key to a pristinely clean kitchen is the regularity of cleaning. From mopping the floors to scrubbing the sink and the oven, a detailed cleaning spree should be embarked upon at least once in a fortnight, if not more often. Most homeowners are too busy for this, so they hire house cleaning services to do the entire home, including the kitchen. Before you decide on a particular cleaning crew, ask for a quote to see what services they offer in regard to the kitchen. As we have stated before, this is the most challenging room in the house when it comes to maintenance.

Refreshing Baking Soda

Apart from vinegar, baking soda is one of the best cleaners out there. Instead of throwing away open bags of it, you can reuse them as cleaners. Soda is excellent when it comes to neutralizing nasty smells so pouring it down the kitchen sink drain will eliminate the reek you have been living with for weeks. If you own garbage disposal, then baking soda flushed with water will refresh the inside drain, eliminating all the muck and the odors that go with it.

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Removing Cooked-On Grime

Perhaps the most difficult dirt top clan inside the kitchen is all the grime and grease that has literally been cooked onto various surfaces. The harsh commercial cleaners we wrote about earlier will only make the matters worse by not only damaging the environment but the surfaces inside the kitchen as well. The trick is to warm up the dirt before you attempt to clean it. A blow dryer or a simple hairdryer will usually serve the purpose just fine. Once the area gets soft, just use a soapy sponge to wipe off the muck that had been sitting there for years.

Cleaning the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be hard work. Instead of scrubbing hard, you have the option to clean smart using any of the X hacks listed here. The second important thing to remember is to clean the kitchen regularly. Ideally, it should be cleaner each week but if you cannot keep up with this tempo, then hiring professional cleaning services is nothing to be ashamed of. You are still a conscientious homeowner by caring about the cleanliness of your kitchen.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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