Journey in the African Kingdom

How to Decide Where to Go in Morocco – Journey in the African Kingdom

The first step to go somewhere is to make up your mind and don’t think about it twice. Some of the best adventures are away from home waiting to be discovered and unveiled.

When it comes to travelling around the world you discover many things from food to culture, from culture to people and from people to a synthetic sense of nature and so on you can’t resist the urge of knowledge you are laden with.

To travel is to love.

To travel is to appreciate.

To travel is to accept.

Planning a holiday requires stamina and will, not everyone will agree at the same point, after all, that’s how families work. Love for travelling can only be justified if you actually move, step away from the comforts of home and live a new memory each day.

Morocco is such a country that will satisfy your thirst to cover the African lands. With its diverse cities and cultures, you can’t stop yourself from falling for this country. it might feel like love at first sight but there is something extremely unique making it more distinctive among other countries.

Jewel Crown of AFRICA

Africa is such a vast continent filled with extreme culture and Morocco is its jewel crown. No wonder it sits on top of the continent making it more obvious to the limelight for tourists and expats and to the current day, it is more power enlighten point for the government.

Although being an Islamic country it is thought to be as a conservative country to a major proportion but it is what it is, a myth. Yes, to some extent there are certain aspects that may seem a bit backward to us but each country rules out as a different land, home to a different culture and vast history in its pockets make it one in all package for the newcomers.

Being foreign is just a feeling at first, and once you come to be familiar with the setting, it seems like a piece of cake. Morocco holidays are that way. It will take you to an unexpected journey that you might come to love or hate but it actually depends on how you spend it.

Make it all Worth While

How to decide where to go to Morocco is a bit tricky. You need to be aware of all the right spots that will trigger your best experience. Otherwise, it’s a downward hill. Let’s make out a list of places you have o cover while you visit Morocco.


Jemaa El Fna square is the soul of this red city and as a true sight seeker you got to visit this market but only if you are into bustling of streets and let me tell you, vendors will kill for a sale (figuratively speaking) or if you have a good bargaining chip on your shoulder then let’s get ready for a set match between seller vs buyer! It’s classic multiple collections of souks making it one large market square.

Journey in the African Kingdom

The hotels in Marrakech are another storyteller. Let’s just say La Mamounia is a hotel of your dreams in Morocco. How to spend your Morocco holiday with the luxuries? It’s La Mamounia for you right in the heart of Morocco. Recently being renovated made it the most wonderful hotels I have ever seen in Morocco (well that’s my idea) but oh the new Moroccan Décor is what makes you succumb to make it your first choice.


This city of historical notion is a prime bundle of a unicorn here. Ever wanted to visit Hollywood set? Well, you just got right one here, in Morocco!

It’s all historical remnants and world-class depiction of ideas that a movie gets from. Ouarzazate is the door to the Sahara Desert and hence a popular spot for movie wonders as well.

Quite a complete opposite of Marrakech, this smaller jewel holds the charm and wits you with the natural miracle. The gates to this place are always open for the visitors and you can get a tour of a movie set and feel like you were in a time travel machine.

Journey in the African Kingdom


Despite its flashier sister cities, Rabat is yet another U-turn from the major tourist spots in Morocco. It’s a bouncer combo of shyness and atrocity in one place.

To the hustle of cities like Fes, Marrakech or even Agadir, this capital city of Morocco is worth mentioning in our favourite spot in Morocco. Some quiet and peace are never too much even on a holiday. Another home to UNESCO world heritage site this city proudly associates to Kasbah of the Udayas, barging along the Bou Regreg.

A peaceful place to explore, its tiny cobblestone alleys show a number of array of uniform houses. Then there is the Mausoleum of Mohammad V which is the tomb to the previous king Mohammed V. undeniably this is one of the classiest shrines ever to exist and you can’t deny its reverence of importance.

Journey in the African Kingdom


A laid-back city to the classy vibes of Rabat is the fishing port on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. This city offers vibrant and flamboyant streets filled with the vendors selling argan oil with other essential things you will feel attracted to buy out. It’s a medieval city of sand coloured ramparts and why not grab a mint tea and get to stroll the streets and feel a quiet peace of mind from your daily routine?

Get a taxi or a private transport service and reach the city. It may not be the equivalent of Cordoba in Spain, but it’s the Moroccan Cordoba, with time heist waiting to happen. Tourists love to travel here more because of the whole medieval image. Riads and hotels are the most common accommodations here. And it’s good to book in advance too. Or if you are on a cheap holiday to Morocco you can even book a hostel (bed and breakfast type) and set to more adventures.

Journey in the African Kingdom

It’s not that hard to decide which of these above-mentioned cities to visit. For some, it’s the beachy shores that attract you in the first place or either the cities themselves predicting to be a mystery to be solved.

Either way, find your way in Morocco and experience it in your own way.

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