Easy, Quick Ways to fit in Exercise at Home-Even with a Crazy-Busy Schedule

Easy, Quick Ways to fit in Exercise at Home-Even with a Crazy-Busy Schedule

In today’s date, each and every one of us has to undergo a long schedule of working hours starting from day till late night and thus hardly we do get any time to visit the gym.  Our daily work includes board meeting, attending clients, scheduling interviews, doing household chores and the list can be really a long one.  In the midst of all these activities, we often forget to take proper care of our health and thus often complain of suffering from different health issues.  Hereby we try to look at some of the easy, yet quick exercises for staying active and fit that can be easily performed at our home.

Press up

Starting with press up is the best possible way to warm up your body.  This exercise involves getting down in a flat back position with outstretched hand forming a straight line from head to heel on the floor.  With your chest closer an inch to the ground explosively drives up extending your arms by force completing one repetition.

This exercise not only provides maximum growth and strength to the shoulder joints but actively works on different muscles of the body as well.


Standing straight with head up and back straight start this exercise focusing on your knees and toes moving your chest out.  A repetition of the action for around 10 to 20 sets can really set the tone for your body.

Squatting not only will help you strengthen your entire body and rejuvenate your body from within, but will also act on your bones and your muscles especially the knees.  It is a good exercise to increase flexibility as well.

Biceps curl

Freehand biceps curl (excluding weight) can really be another good exercise to add to your quick workout.  Keeping your elbow still, always try to move your lower arm squeezing the biceps.  Concentrate on the contracture of the biceps muscle and slowly release.  Repeat this move around 10 times in both hands.

This is one of the perfect moves for making your arms and biceps stronger and providing flexibility to the joints as well. Providing maximum muscle growth to the whole biceps is the aim of this exercise.

Step up

Step up is one of the most common exercises that can be done on a regular basis both with weight and without weight as well.  Stepping up and down using a bench in front with lifting up the whole body through your heel and then stepping down increases your stamina and improves your upper and lower leg muscles and calves as well.

This is a workout that not only tones up your body but adds flexibility to the whole of your body especially the lower part of the body.


Resting on your forearm first try to get into a press-up position, try to get your glutes and abdomen tense.  Make sure that your back is absolutely straight and your hips do not bend down by any means.  Forming this posture try to provide pressure in a uniformed way so as your abdomen feels the pressure.

This workout provides a crunch to your spine and abdomen which helps you to build a flat six pack abs without much effort and moreover this posture keeps you injury free and acts well on your muscles of your back and abdomen as well.


One of the finest exercises that take little time to build your abs and moreover it improves the stability of your muscles at the back.  With your hands above your feet try to lie down on your back comfortably.  Your knees must be kept at 90°.  Putting your heel an inch from the floor, try to put it into the starting position with appropriate repetitions as convenient.

This is one of the best home exercises to keep your whole body tone up superbly and moreover strengthen your leg and thigh muscles particularly. In addition to this if you are looking for yoga instructor job then it could be best chance to try it and it’s very useful and beneficial for health as well. Yoga is good for health fitness everyone should try to this type of exercise.

Lift and twist (horse pose)

Using a countertop or a sofa you can perform this exercise easily.  Put your left hand on top and widen your feet.  Try to draw right elbow toward right hip bending the knees standing straight.  Then by straightening the left leg try to lift right leg up and back along with sweeping the right arm forward across the body.  Try to gently turn your palm down. Return to start position after completing one repetition. Try this type of exercises and feel the change within.

Happy workout.

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