3 Tips For Picking The Right Materials For Your Kitchen Remodel
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3 Tips For Picking The Right Materials For Your Kitchen Remodel

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where a big portion of your day is spent preparing meals, eating with your loved ones, and swapping stories about your daily adventures.

Because of the importance that a kitchen can hold, it’s crucial that you pick the right materials to use when turning your current kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. To help you with this, here are three tips for picking the right materials for your kitchen remodel. 

Think Carefully About Countertops

One of the most used areas of your kitchen in your countertops. And because you use this area for things like storage, food preparation, and more, it’s vital that you pick a material that will suit the uses you most envision needing.

According to Mary Wynn Ryan, a contributor to How Stuff Works, you might want to consider using various materials throughout your kitchen so you can get the best of all the materials available. For example, you might want to put in a section of butcher block in addition to having some granite or marble. Whatever you think you’ll be spending most of your time doing, try to find the best materials to facilitate that. Each will have their own pros and cons, so keep those in mind when picking the final materials.

Pick The Right Type Of Paint

While the overall color and style of your kitchen goes way beyond the paint color you’ve chosen for the walls, it is important that you pick the right type of paint to use in the kitchen.

With the type of work that takes place in a kitchen, things can get pretty messy. Because of this, you want to choose materials that are easy to clean, including the type of paint you use on the walls.

According to Stacey Freed, a contributor to House Logic, you should never use flat paint in the kitchen. If you ever have to wipe something off the walls, which you will, you could easily ruin the paint job. To avoid this, pick a paint color in either a semi-gloss or high-gloss. 

Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing Flooring

Flooring can also play a big role in the kitchen. When you’re cooking and cleaning in there, you’re bound to drop or spill things on the floor. So to ensure that you don’t ruin your flooring, you want to be smart about the materials you choose.

HGTV shares that materials like tile, stone, cork, and vinyl are all durable and able to withstand water damage. While many people choose wood flooring in the kitchen, you do need to be careful with cleaning up spills.

If you’re going to be remodeling your kitchen, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pick the right materials for the job. 

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  1. Nice article. Here are some more Kitchen worktop tips to implement in your kitchen design:
    1. Prioritize your options for the worktop surface material
    2. Check the worktop design
    3. Plan the space in accordance with the rest of the home décor
    4. Be more creative with your worktop edges
    5. Don’t forget the family-friendly elements


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