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4 Reasons to Get Customised Doors and Drawer Fronts for Your IKEA METOD Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-packed kitchen cabinets from big box stores can be a godsend for the homeowner seeking something durable and functional but don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s why IKEA’s ready-to-assemble products are so popular. Their METOD system of kitchen cabinets is a certified shopper’s favorite, thanks to its sleek design, modularity, and easy-to-install quality. 

The issue with buying a bestselling product, however, is that you end up having the same kitchen cabinets as everyone else. The solution? Customized IKEA doors and drawer fronts. Below are 4 compelling reasons why you should consider them:

They can make your store-bought cabinets look custom-made

Kitchen cabinets and can also make or break your entire design aesthetic. If you value the way your kitchen looks and want the room to be a showstopper, custom-made cabinets have an undeniable appeal. Aside from being able to maximize the available amount of space, bespoke kitchen cabinets look fantastic, add value to your home, and give off the impression that you make thoughtful choices as a homeowner. 

The main issue with going bespoke with your kitchen cabinets, however, is that it can be prohibitively costly. Top of the line custom-made kitchen cabinets made with the finest materials will run you up at least AU$ 15,000—no small amount of money, that’s for sure. 

Thankfully, customized doors and drawers offer a compromise; you can keep the bodies of your flat-packed cabinets and simply replace the element that you and your guests will see. No one needs to ever know that your cabinets aren’t custom-made!

They add uniqueness and personality to your kitchen design

IKEA’s METOD cabinets have a classic design that allows them to seamlessly blend into most kitchen interiors. They can be described as “clean” at best and “utilitarian” at worst. If you are the sort of homeowner that would like for your kitchen cabinets to do more than merely blend in, customized doors and drawers can be an effective way to infuse these mass-produced products with your own style and flair. 

They help you go beyond IKEA’s range of materials and colors

To their credit, IKEA does offer the METOD cabinets in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. On the Australian version of the website, you can choose from light or dark wood finishes or solid, muted colors to front your kitchen cabinets with. The company does its best to cater to a wide audience with differing needs. 

But what if you were interested in a shade not currently offered? What if you wanted your kitchen cabinets to be a bold red or pretty pink—shades that are not currently included in IKEA’s inoffensive line-up? 

Another convincing reason to go with customized doors and drawer fronts is the ability to choose from hundreds of colors, finishes, and designs and not having to limit yourself to the 20 or so options IKEA offers. 

They add durability to your kitchen cabinets

IKEA’s METOD kitchen cabinet doors are made with particleboard and recycled plastic foil. They should be able to withstand everyday use with proper care and cleaning, but you shouldn’t expect them to last an entire lifetime. The climate in Australia varies widely depending on the location, and some cities or towns tend to experience wetter and more humid climate than others. Moisture can wreak havoc on plastic foil, causing it to warp and peel.

The issue can be addressed by using customized doors and drawer fronts made with Australian Moisture Resistant substrates. These materials can tolerate fluctuations in the temperature and climate much better so that you can enjoy that just-installed look of your cabinets for years to come.

Why settle for anything less than exactly what you want? With customized doors and drawer fronts for your IKEA METOD cabinets, you can get the best of both the custom and flat-packed kitchen cabinet worlds. Consider them for your next project! 

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