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How to weigh a Baby?

When it comes to babies’ parents are always worried about their health, weight, and safety.  Especially first-time parents take every help they could to ensure that the baby is safe and growing healthy. This being said sometimes there is a lot of fuss around the weight of a baby. It is absolutely true that weight is the indicator of growth and health of the baby and it is also important to keep track of it. Now the question arises why are babies weighed and how and when to do it.

Let’s see each of these questions one by one to understand and know the real reason for weighing a baby.

Why should a baby be weighted?

It cannot be denied that we all love a chubby baby, as he or she is cute and adorable. Doctors do weight the baby after birth on a regular basis. They keep the track of weight and height of the baby, to know how they are doing. Growth is definitely a good and visible indicator of the baby’s health.

Keeping track of the baby’s weight is proof of how individual baby is progressing. Hence it can be said that weighing can help protect the health of the babies and also to find out if the baby is underweight. Baby weighing machine is useful in keeping a detail growth chart, which would help in correcting any growth related problems at early stage.

How can you track baby weight?

The pediatrician worldwide start measuring babies from 2 weeks of their birth and keep a good record of it for future reference. There are various other ways to weigh the baby, the two easy ways of weighing a baby.

  1.    Using a baby scale: Using a reputed baby weighing scale is the best way to weigh a baby. Owning a baby scale may be costly, but they provide an accurate measurement.  Baby weigh scales are more accurate than a regular bathroom scale for weighing a baby.
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But before you weight baby, ensure the tray is placed property and free from any obstructions. Additional you can make the experience comfortable for your kid by placing a towel. Set the scale to zero before placing a baby before taking their weight.

  1.    Bathroom scale: yet another way to weigh a baby is using a bathroom scale.  Since a baby cannot be placed directly on the scale, it needs to be carried. Hence check your weight before stepping on the scale with the baby.

Either way, it is important to note that the weight of a baby varies from one individual to another. Also, you shouldn’t compare your baby weight to that of others.  Breastfeeding is the best way to ensure your baby is healthy and weighs right.

How often should you weigh a baby?

Weighing a baby can help to check their growth rate and also identify any problems affecting their growth rate. Babies are weighed at birth followed by 5 days and 10 days respectively. Do not check a babies weight more than what is prescribed by the doctor.

A baby between 2 weeks and 6 months needs to be weighed only once a month. It is good to weigh a baby but fussing over it will only result in unnecessary worries.

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