How to get the best cheap glasses when buy eyeglass online

Spring is coming and with it the good weather, the sunny days and the warmth. And it’s the perfect time to wear voogueme stylish eyeglasses wherever we go.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses?

o    The polarized sunglasses are especially interesting for certain types of outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, water sports, and snow,  but also benefit us in many other situations.

o    it can also be seen that the shadow areas do not darken as much as with “normal” sunglasses so that when passing through shaded areas or even tunnels, the vision that is achieved is better.

o    This effect also makes it possible to see better if we look at the bottom of a river on a bright day because it takes away the reflection that the water gives us. So much so that in fishing competitions are strictly prohibited the use of polarized glasses, as they would give a considerable advantage over the other participants to see the bottom fish much better.

o    As a curiosity, I will also tell you that polarized lenses (not the sun) are also used in films in three dimensions using sheets positioned in different directions in both eyes. Part of the light reflected from the screen is vertically polarized while another is horizontally polarized. This means that each of the lenses will filter one type of wave and not the other, resulting in the 3-dimensional sensation if the film is projected in that format.

o    Nowadays, polarized filters of different degrees already exist in the market, so you can choose depending on the use of greater or lesser protection and combine all this with filters and anti-reflective treatments.

Buy prescription glasses online is relatively simple, but not enough to access an online store and order the pair that we like. When dealing with an issue related to your eye health it will be necessary to know some details of your ocular pathology so before you must go through the consultation of a specialist doctor to graduate your eyesight and obtain an ophthalmological prescription with an accurate and updated measurement.

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In order to buy cheap glasses online, we need two essential elements to place the order.

  • A prescription with graduation.
  • Know interpupillary distance.

The main information we need to know is the graduation you need for each eye and for what pathology. This is one of the most important data since with these data we proceed to the manufacture of glasses for your glasses. Any variation in this parameter can cause dizziness, headache or poor vision.

If you usually use contact lenses you may already know the graduation that you have in each eye, but this data cannot be extrapolated to the prescription glasses as other factors that are taken into account and that will be included in the ophthalmological prescription that you will extend your specialist doctor.

Another of the data you will need to buy your prescription glasses online and save you some good money is the interpupillary distance. This parameter refers to the distance between the center of the pupil of one eye and the pupil center of the other and determines the distance between the points of focus that will be applied to the crystals.

Having in your possession these two data, you can launch with all tranquility to the search of the best websites to buy cheap prescription glasses online

Tips to choose sunglasses

  • Think about the use you are going to give them when buying best online eyeglasses. It is not the same sunglasses for general use, that a spectacle for specific uses such as skiing, fishing or driving. Think about the conditions in which you will use them: do you want a goggle that you can use throughout the year? Do you live in a sunny area or do you spend a lot of time in the sun? All this helps us a lot when it comes to selecting the models.
  • Once the use we are going to give them is clear, we will choose a goggle with the appropriate filter category. Category 0 lenses are almost colorless lenses and cat lenses. 4 are very dark lenses. It is usual for sunglasses to have a category between 2 and 3. Keep in mind that a higher category means a darker lens but not necessarily higher protection.  You must bear in mind that some filters have certain restrictions. For example, the filters of cat.4 are too dark to drive and therefore, it is not allowed to drive with a goggle of this category.
  • If you plan to graduate, this is the time to take it into account. You must bear in mind that not all are adjustable. Because of its shape, size, geometry, assembly, etc … there are some glasses whose lenses cannot be replaced by other lenses.
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